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Wimbledon 2022 final: female fan was intoxicated … player’s condition worsens, umpire angry

Nick Kyrgios asked a drunken female fan out of the stadium after abusing the chair umpire in the Wimbledon final against Novak Djokovic. Serving at a crucial moment near the start of the third set after losing the second set, Kyrgios reprimanded the umpire for noticing that a drunken female fan was distracting him while serving.

Kyrgios also pointed to the spectator he claimed was in the front row and intoxicated. As a result of his repeated calls, the umpire violated the code.

“You didn’t believe me,” Kyrgios yelled at the umpire. It doesn’t occur to you that while I am serving in the Wimbledon final, she is misleading me again and again.

“You didn’t believe me and they tried to mislead me again, which I almost paid for the game,” he added. Why is he still here? She’s drunk sitting in the front row and stumbling in the middle of the game! Is that acceptable? ‘ Kyrgios lost the match and was content to be runner-up.

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