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Why not Ambedkar on Indian notes… Congress’s Manish Tiwari said on Kejriwal’s demand for Lakshmi-Ganesh

New Delhi: Ever since Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal has demanded to print images of Lord Ganesha and Lakshmi on Indian currency notes, a debate has erupted in the country. Now senior Congress leader Manish Tiwari has given a new twist to this debate. This morning, while tagging Kejriwal, he said that why should not the photo of Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar be on the new series of notes? He said that on one side the great Mahatma and on the other side Dr. A war of words started between Aam Aadmi Party and BJP-Congress after Kejriwal demanded Lakshmi-Ganesh just a day ago. The BJP termed it a failed attempt to hide AAP’s “terrible anti-Hindu face” ahead of the upcoming elections, while the Congress demanded the chief minister’s resignation for allegedly violating the secular principles of the Constitution.

Kejriwal has said that the country is going through a critical situation due to the continuous fall of the rupee against the US dollar. He said, ‘We want India to become a developed and prosperous country. To make this possible we have to build a large number of schools, hospitals and develop infrastructure for roads and electricity. We all make efforts, but they bear fruit only when God bestows His grace upon us. Kejriwal further said that I appeal to Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the central government that our notes have a picture of Mahatma Gandhi on one side. It should remain as it is, but the images of Lord Ganesha and Lakshmi should be printed on the other side.

Politics or U-turn in the name of gods and goddesses? BJP-Congress reply to Kejriwal on Lakshmi-Ganesh pictures on notes
Wow, what an economic mantra… Ashutosh’s taunt
Former AAP leader Ashutosh has mocked Kejriwal. He said that Prime Minister Narendra Modi should follow the AAP chief’s advice and sack all economic advisers immediately. Ashutosh tweeted, “Wow… What a great economic mantra Arvind Kejriwal has given… Great tip for Rishi Sunak to improve UK economy.” Narendra Modi should sack all economic advisers immediately. Follow their advice. India will be prosperous.

Printing of Lakshmi-Ganesh photo on currency notes will improve economy, suggests Subramanian Swamy to Arvind Kejriwal
Film producer Ashok Pandit has accused Kejriwal of creating division between different religions. Pandit tweeted, ‘I condemn the statement of Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal, in which he has said that the image of Ganesha and Lakshmi should be on the Indian currency. With this he is creating a gap in different religions.

Some commoners accused Kejriwal of hypocrisy, saying that he had banned firecrackers before Diwali and was now suggesting printing images of Lakshmi and Ganesha on notes, while others questioned whether schools And why did AAP leader Kejriwal, who spoke about why hospitals used to exist, make such a comment. . Shantanu wrote on Twitter, ‘He (Kejriwal) came to change politics. (He) has been a favorite of pseudo-liberals and he has been talking about the so-called national alternative. Shantanu describes himself as a Nehruvian and Gandhian on his Twitter handle and has over 6,700 followers.
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