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Why is the 80-year-old ‘Jawan’ who killed the enemy’s teeth in 1971 getting praise now!

Viral video: Even at the age of 80, this young man fired a lot of shots at the target with a gun. This young man is none other than 80-year-old Channan Singh of Jaisalmer, who made a dent in the Pakistani army in the 1971 war. Even today, after serving the country for 28 years on the border, he has become an example for the youth. Recently, a video targeting them is going viral on social media.

The highlights

  • Even at the age of 80, this young man sets a complete goal
  • The spirit of serving 28 years in BSF is still alive in my mind
  • Service rendered in every corner of the country, the spirit of ‘jawan’ defeated old age
  • The video of targeting is going viral
Jaisalmer: It is said that a young soldier never grows old. At every stage of age, their fascination with them continues to grow. A similar scene can be seen in the village of Barsiala in the border district of Jaisalmer, Rajasthan. At the age of 80 is where people take up bed. And become helpless. On the other hand, 80-year-old soldier Channan Singh, retired from BSF, is setting an example for the youth. The former jawans of the Pakistan Army who fought in the 1971 war, today hold a gun and take aim with trembling hands. Recently, a video of Channan Singh (gun shooting video) has gone viral on social media. In this, he is seen shooting the gun not once but three times continuously. And all three targets seem correct. Channan Singh may have retired but the soldier inside him is still alive. The videos of his shooting are going viral on social media.

Perfect shooting of 80-year-old Channan Singh

80-year-old Channan Singh Sodha, a resident of village Barsiala, joined the BSF in 1966. And retired in the year 1993 after 28 years of service to the country. A soldier’s body is accompanied by bombs and guns. Enlisted from 1966, he served in 28 B.S.F. He served in the Army and the training he received during this time is still alive in Channan Singh’s heart and mind. The view of which can be seen even after 29 years of retirement. Even at this stage of his age, Channan Singh takes accurate aim with the airgun with his trembling hands.

28 years of service in every corner of the country

Channan Singh says that ‘I joined BSF in 1966 in Jaisalmer in 13 BN BSF. After that our battalion moved from Jaisalmer to Jodhpur. After that our battalion was crushed from Jodhpur to Kelnaur in the 1971 war. Where our battalion reached Chhchhra of Pakistan. From there our battalion came to Barmer, where it served for 4 years. After that our battalion stayed at Dantiwara in Banaskantha district of Gujarat for 4 years. After that our battalion moved to Jammu where we stayed for 2 years. Then from there served in Kupwara, Srinagar for 2 years. From there to Akhnoor in Jammu, from where after 4 months I joined 92 BSF. Posted in who was in Agartala at that time.
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Singh says that after serving a year in the 92 billion BSF, they were transferred to the 93 billion BSF. Where he served for about one and a half years. After that I got transferred to 47 BSF which was then posted in Bikaner. From where I came to Jaisalmer with an advance party. He said, ‘I served in 47 Bn BSF for about two years, after which I was transferred to 63 Bn BSF. Which was then in Dantiwara of Banaskantha district of Gujarat. From there our battalion came to Barmer. Where I served for about 4 years. From here again our 63 BSF battalion went to Srinagar. From where I took retirement after about a month.
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Channan Singh lives in Barsiala with his family Channan Singh has been living in Jaisalmer since his retirement. He says that after retirement he built his house in Barsiala, Jaisalmer. Now living here with family. Also worked as a private security guard for some time after retirement. He is survived by his wife, 3 sons. Two of them are married. They have 4 children each. He is a son unmarried.
Report – Jagadish Goswami

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