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Why does China fear Taiwan slipping away? The supremacy, the craze or the story something else…

Beijing: East Asia has remained tense ever since US Speaker Nancy Pelosi returned from her visit to Taiwan on August 2. The situation between China and Taiwan is getting worse. The issue of Taiwan is very complicated for China and it is very sensitive about this part. Taiwan makes China feel its existence and is very important to its identity. China knows that if Taiwan slips out of its hands, the situation can get out of control. China is mad about Taiwan to such an extent that it has repeatedly talked about occupying it with the help of the military.

Demand for freedom everywhere
After all, what is there in Taiwan that China can’t let go even if it wants to? The answer is border dominance. According to foreign policy experts, if China declares Taiwan an independent country, then the question of Xinjiang, Tibet and Inner Mongolia will also arise in front of it. The Han people make up 95 percent of China’s population, and half of its land area is surrounded by Mongols, Tibetans, and Uighurs. If China declares Taiwan independent, Mongols, Tibetans and Uyghurs will demand their independence. This will raise such difficult questions in front of China, which it will not be able to answer even if it wants to.

China will be on edge
Apart from this, due to the departure of Taiwan, China will also be sidelined. There will be so much pressure on him at the international level, after which he will have to obey many people at home. As long as the demand for Taiwan’s independence arises from outside, it can be dealt with. But if this demand starts rising from within the country, it will become difficult for China to handle the situation. Apart from this, questions will also be raised about China’s encroachment on the borders of other countries.

Wisdom is essential
In the current map of China, Tibet, Xinjiang and Inner Mongolia lie within its borders and all fall under the Qing Dynasty. When they fell in 1911, China occupied them. In such a case, if China gives up its claim on all these borders, what will happen to the Han population living in Inner Mongolia, Tibet or Xinjiang? Also, when thousands of problems arise after this decision, how will China deal with them? If foreign policy experts are to be believed, China will have to act wisely. It needs to reduce its differences with Taiwan.

The glory of China
Many countries are now disillusioned with China and often its arrogance annoys them. China may present countries with a choice to either accept China’s position as it currently stands or remain silent. The policies of Western countries are contrary to China’s understanding. Be it Hong Kong or the South China Sea, China often demonstrates its expansionist policies.

By taking back Hong Kong, China has brought this expansionist policy to the fore. China came forward in the South China Sea as Malaysia and Vietnam were increasing their presence there. China knew that if it did not advance here, this part would be out of its hands.

History of Taiwan
This policy came into being in the year 1949 when the Chinese Civil War ended. The people of the defeated country were called the Kuomintang and fled to Taiwan. Here he formed his government when the victorious Communist Party ruled China. Both sides said they represented China. Since then, China’s ruling Communist Party has threatened Taiwan with the use of its forces if it formally declared itself an independent country. China considers Taiwan as its own. On Taiwan and Tibet, China forces all countries to follow the one China policy.


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