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Where Rashid Khan proved to be ‘Eka’, why did Ashwin-Chahal fail? Understand the whole matter

Yuvendra Chahal and Ravichandran Ashwin were considered the biggest threat to the Gujarat Titans in the first qualifier of IPL-2022. The duo had taken 37 wickets before the match, including 26 by Chahal and 11 by Ashwin. Everyone was talking about him. In Kolkata, they were considered Sanju Samson’s Brahmastra in a cloudy situation but all the steps of the duo failed in the face of strong Gujarat strategy.

Chahal and Ashwin not only conceded 72 runs in 8 overs but also failed to take a single wicket. This proved to be suicidal for Rajasthan. He had hoped that the way Chahal had spoken in league matches, he would be able to perform miracles here too, but it did not happen. Gujarat Titans’ Rashid Khan, on the other hand, did not take a wicket but was instrumental in preventing Rajasthan from crossing the 200 mark with just 15 runs.

Why was Chahal and Ashwin’s bag empty?
Every cricketer in the world would agree that Yuvendra Chahal and R. Ashwin is capable of taking wickets at any position and on the field. There is no lack of diversity in them either. So the question is, why did they fail? In fact, much of the credit should go to Gujarat’s strategy. Whether it was Hardik Pandya or David Miller, every batsman played him carefully. He tried to get at least one single on almost every ball so that there would be no extra pressure.

A four-wicket haul fell on Chahal-Ashwin
In the last 5 overs, Gujarat needed 50 runs to win. After that R. Both Ashwin and Yuvendra Chahal were going to bowl. Commentators were also talking about how it would not be easy for Gujarat to score so many runs. Little did he know that there was a break between the two in Gujarat. David Miller and Hardik Pandya took singles on almost every ball and hit fours. In such a situation 10-12 runs were easily collected and the work of the team was completed.

Ashwin looked faster than the spinner
Although Ashwin is an off-spinner, he changed his bowling when Shubhaman Gill hit a six and two fours in his first over against Gujarat. Unable to get a spin, he started throwing the ball quickly. One of his balls was 131 kmph, which is usually seen as a fast bowler. If the spinners started bowling fast then where was the problem for a South African batsman like David Miller.

Why is Rashid Khan so influential?
This charismatic Khan from Afghanistan is known for his diversity in bowling. He can google 6 balls of an over in different ways. The bowler who has only so many options in Google, think how dangerous this leg spinner is. He sometimes uses his wrists and sometimes his fingers. Not only that, he always tries to surprise the batsman with his changes. This is the reason why the batsmen of the opposing team avoid playing aerial shots against them.


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