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‘What’s the point of opening a medical college when there are no facilities …’, CM Nitish gets angry in public court after hearing complaint

Patna: Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar on Monday received a complaint in the Janata Darbar which shocked him. A complainant from Madhepura exposed the medical college in front of CM Nitish in a public court. CM Nitish immediately telephoned the principal secretary of the health department to express his displeasure. “We will continue to open medical colleges and there will be no facilities,” he said. Then what’s the point? ‘

The complainant of Madhepura informed the Chief Minister that the present government had started a medical college in Madhepura but there was no facility there. There is no better treatment or test. The ultrasound unit has also been closed for six months. The MRI test facility was never introduced. The medical college is in name only. He is referred to medical college. CM Nitish was shocked to hear the complaint, he immediately called the principal secretary of the health department and said it was a surprise. There are no facilities. See why.
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The land mafia did not vacate the high school land even on the orders of the Chief Minister
Another complainant, a youth from Siwan, told CM Nitish that he had lodged his complaint and visited the Janata Darbar in 2021 as well. The youths said that the people’s court was told that the high school land was being sold. “You called the education minister and asked him to block the high school land,” he said. The Education Minister then called the Siwan DM and asked him to vacate the land. The youth said that till date the land of the high school has not been vacated. The youth said that the land mafia was threatening to kill him if he lodged a complaint in the Lok Adalat.

After hearing the complaint, CM Nitish Kumar told officials, “This is what is happening. Complainant states that in 2021 also I. Occupancy of government school land has not been removed yet. Why is this happening?


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