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What are the symptoms of Corona’s catastrophe that wreaked havoc in the world again?

Omicron BA.2 subcategory: Corona is not taking the name of taking our lives. By changing the form it comes before us. The Corona epidemic began in 2019. Has had a headache ever since. Many forms of the virus have been reported in the last three years. They have suffocated scientists. The virus has killed millions of people worldwide. Its both mild and lethal forms have come to the fore. The Omicron variant is currently dominating the world. It is lighter than the previous variant. However, it is more contagious. Meaning it spreads fast. There are two subtypes of Omicron BA.1 and BA.2. Nowadays BA2 has wreaked havoc in the world.

The BA.2 sub variant of the Omicron is also known as the stealth variant. It has many variations like BA.1 sub variant. However, it is different in many respects. RT-PCR is called a stealth variant because of its ability to dodge. Tracking this variant is a very difficult and time consuming process.

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The World Health Organization (WHO) first formally announced this variant on 22 February 2022. It has been placed in the ‘Variant of Concern’ category. Five forms of corona virus fall into this category.

Why is the BA.2 subclass most infected?
The genetic makeup of this virus is unique. This makes it difficult to track with traditional methods such as RT-PCR. The BA.2 Omicron sub variant is more advanced than the BA.1. Why this is the case is being studied.

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What are the symptoms of infection caused by BA.2?
The stealth variant of the Omicron shares the same features as the older variant. That is, so far no different symptoms have been found. However, it is also true that the corona virus behaves differently in different human bodies. Therefore, it is difficult to come to a definite conclusion about the characteristics of a single variant or a sub-variant. However, experts say that dizziness and fatigue are the most common symptoms of the BA.2 sub variant. These symptoms begin to appear within two to three days after exposure to the virus. Other symptoms include mild fever, cold, shortness of breath, sore throat, headache, and body aches.

The BA.2 infection has spread worldwide
The BA.2 subcategory is responsible for the current COVID wave in China. Corona cases have been on the rise in the UK in recent weeks. Corona cases are also on the rise in France, Switzerland, Italy and the Netherlands. More than half of the new cases of corona in Germany have the BA.2 sub variant. They make up 11 percent of all cases in the United States. The BA.2 subcategory has replaced the BA.1 sub variant in many countries. A few months ago, the BA.1 sub variant overtook the Delta variant.



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