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Weather Today: The effect of cold weather after rains, mercury will rise again in Rajasthan today

Jaipur: Pre-monsoon rains have started in northern India. Due to this, rains are continuing in many states like Delhi, UP-MP and Uttarakhand. At the same time, Rajasthan has been experiencing a period of change in the weather for the last three days, which has led to a drop in temperature. According to the meteorological department, rains are also expected in some districts of Rajasthan today, though the weather will change again in the afternoon. The scorching heat will again raise the temperature. The weather remained cold on Wednesday morning due to sudden rains late Tuesday night like Monday.

Notpa will start in the state from today
It may be recalled that for the last three days, the temperature in the state had dropped due to heavy rains but the denomination would start in the state from today, which would lead to mercury rising. The heatwave is expected to hit again today. It is believed that people who now feel a slight relief in the weather will again be bothered by the heat and humidity.

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Another disturbance will be active from the 27th
According to the meteorological department, this is because Notpa is going to start from today. In this case, the effect will be seen in the state, but another disturbance is going to be active from the 27th, due to which the weather may be relieved again in the next three days. Overall, you will find different seasonal colors under Notepa.
The sun will enter Rohini Nachhatar at 2.52 pm. Notpa will start after this. Meteorologists said that given the current situation, it seems that the monsoon situation is likely to be better this year than other years.

Find out what the weather will be like in Notepa, whether it will be hot or rainy.


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