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‘Wait till 4 pm on Sunday’, Lalan Singh gives big signal to opponents in 6 seconds

Patna: The first day meeting of the JDU national executive was held at Karpuri Auditorium of the state office on Saturday. The national executive meeting will also be held on Sunday. Many issues will be discussed in this meeting. Earlier, while addressing the state executive meeting of JDU, the party’s national president Lalan Singh said that our party is a recognized political party in three states, next year we will become a national party. Attacking the BJP, the JDU President said that the BJP has shown its character by breaking our 5 MLAs in Manipur. We will also give a suitable answer to it when the time comes. While leaving the meeting, Lalan Singh said to the question of the journalists that wait a little, everything will be known by 4 pm on Sunday. Along with this, Bihar’s S Chief Minister Nitish KumaSu said that in the 2024 Lok Sabha elections, the Bharatiya Janata Party will be limited to 50 seats and all the opposition parties should fight together, I am involved in this campaign.

BJP people will work to disrupt communal and social harmony
Nitish Kumar said this while addressing the state executive meeting of his party JDU here, which was immediately followed by the national executive meeting of the party. He said that only the people of BJP will do the work of disrupting communal and social harmony in the state and we all have to take care of it up to the panchayat level. According to a statement issued by JDU, Nitish Kumar alleged that BJP’s conspiracy reduced our seats in the 2020 assembly elections. I myself did not want to become Chief Minister but agreed to his request as the development of Bihar has been my priority since the beginning.

Worked impressively for all
He said that since I got the opportunity to serve Bihar in 2005, education, health, roads, electricity and water have been provided in every sector as well as Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes, Backward Classes, Minorities, Women Empowerment. and for the welfare of the people. In terms of economic development, effective work has been done for all the backward castes.

Let’s become a national party next year
Addressing the state executive meeting held at Karpuri auditorium of the state office under the chairmanship of JDU state president Umesh Singh Kushwaha, the party’s national president cum MP Rajeev Ranjan Singh alias Lalan Singh said that our party is a recognized political party in three states. is Next year we will become a national party. The national president of JDU, which formed a new grand coalition government in Bihar with 7 parties including Rashtriya Janata Dal, Congress, attacked former ally BJP and said, BJP has shown its character by breaking 5 of our MLAs in Manipur. . In the coming time, JDU will give a befitting reply to this.

JDU will work to marginalize BJP in 2024
Along with this, JDU Parliamentary Board National President cum Legislative Councilor Upendra Kushwaha while addressing the meeting said that BJP is constantly trying to break our party. He said that Janata Dal (U) will work to marginalize them in 2024.


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