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Virat Kohli Performance: Does Virat Kohli get lazy in big matches? The figures show the mirror

There was a time when social media was full of rumors that Virat Kohli had scored a century in such a match. Such a record has been set. The sowing record has been broken. Now is the time for people to fight over whether to keep him in Team India or not. While some people are arguing that Kohli is a big match player and should be given a chance, there is a section who do not agree with it.

It all started when former captain Kapil Dev questioned Virat Kohli’s ability to remain in the team after failing to score a century for three years. He spoke openly and said that if he could not make runs, he should be dropped from the team. Now there is a statement from captain Rohit Sharma. What he said in one line means that what Kohli has done should not be forgotten and the former captain will continue to get such opportunities.

Well, now we come to the part where we talk about the middle ground. Is Virat Kohli really a big match player? First of all, here we have to understand what the big match means. Knockouts are considered to be the most important of ICC tournaments. The one who performs well here is called or considered a player of big matches. That is why Dhoni has been accorded the status of greatness.

We support the players we select, they are given opportunities. Outsiders did not know about it. So it’s more important to me what’s going on inside our team. This is not at all difficult for us because we do not pay attention to external things. Also, I don’t know who these experts are and why they are called experts. I can not understand.

Rohit Sharma, Captain

Looking at Kohli’s career, there is no doubt that despite not scoring a century for the last three years, his overall performance could be better in many ways than the great cricketers of the day. However, when it comes to the ICC finals, the effect is mixed. In particular, he has played in the last two ICC finals, his performance has been average.

44 and 13 in the final of the World Test Championship
How can one forget the defeat against New Zealand in the ICC World Test Championship title match. In the title match played in Southampton in June 2021, Kohli’s bat was completely silent. He scored only 44 and 13 runs in both the innings. India lost the match by 8 wickets. Thus, for the first time in the final, the Indian team was runner-up and from here Virat Kohli came under fire.

If you can get the second best bowler in the Tests out of the team, then the world number one can sit out. I want Kohli to score runs but at the moment Virat Kohli is not playing the way we know him. He has made a name for himself based on his performance and if he does not perform then you cannot exclude new players.

Kapil Dev, former Captain

Defeat to Pakistan in Champions Trophy, average performance in World Cup too
The scars of the loss to Pakistan in the Champions Trophy 2017 final are still green in the hearts of cricket fans. In that match, Kohli could score only 5 runs. Something similar happened in the semifinals of the 2015 ODI World Cup, where Kohli returned to the pavilion with just one. In the semi-finals of the ODI World Cup, he managed to score the same runs in the final. India lost to New Zealand here. His performance in the tournament has not been very good.

The wound of T20 World Cup-2021 is still fresh
If we talk about the latest injuries, the fans will not forget the two embarrassing defeats and knockouts of the T20 World Cup-2021 hosted by India in the UAE. Virat’s performance in the tournament was average, while India lost to Pakistan and New Zealand. Well, there is no doubt that Kohli has given Indian fans all the opportunities to celebrate in all three formats and once they get back to form they can be seen performing their national duty in the same manner. Let it be known that Kohli has 70 hundreds. Ricky Ponting (71) and Sachin Tendulkar (100) have scored hundreds more than that in international cricket.

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