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Video: Rakhi Sawant gets angry after seeing piles of garbage on the roadside, actress cleans with a shovel

Rakhi Sawant Has shared several videos on his Instagram account. In these videos, she is standing with a shovel in her hand and is preparing to pick up the garbage lying on the side of the road. Rakhi was looking very disturbed by the garbage scattered on the road outside her gym. Rakhi decided to clean it herself and she was seen walking with a shovel. He asked some people standing there about the BMC workers and said, ‘Why didn’t the BMC workers clean the road? Are they partying? ‘

These videos of Rakhi Sawant’s cleaning are also going viral on social media. Rakhi can be seen in the viral video saying, “Friends raise their hands, get tired alone, pick up garbage together. Friends, I came to the gym today. And I have seen that the government has built such beautiful roads, the government says that good lights have come. But look how good the day is. “

Rakhi Sawant is seen lying on the side of the road. She then calls a watchman and explains that such rubbish will cause mud and then dengue-malaria. The mosquito will come and bite, it will not see whether it is rich or poor. Who will get sick? Why didn’t the BMC pick it up? Are BMCs partying with cars?

Rakhi Sawant then starts picking up the garbage and asks the people around her to help in collecting the garbage. Rakhi shared a video on her Instagram. In this video, Rakhi is seen chasing away an auto driver. “There is no spectacle,” she tells them. Don’t crowd here … our job is to do good. “

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