Friday, December 9, 2022
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US China Relations: Not Only British, US Fighter Pilots Are Training Chinese Army, One Arrested In Australia

Sydney: A former US fighter pilot who worked for China has been arrested in Australia. This American pilot used to train Chinese Air Force pilots as a flight instructor. Australia has said that this former pilot has been arrested at the request of America. After being produced in the Australian court, preparations are being made to extradite him to America. The name of the arrested former American pilot is being told as Daniel Edmond Duggan. The pilot was arrested on Friday in the rural town of Orange, New South Wales. The police and the lawyer of the arrested pilot said that Daniel Edmond was produced in the court immediately after the arrest.

The arrested pilot will be extradited to the US
Lawyers for American pilot Daniel Edmond appeared in court via video conferencing, Reuters reported. After the argument, the judge refused Daniel Edmond bail and sent him to nearby Bathurst Prison. The arrested pilot is a US citizen and his arrest was made at the request of the US. Australian police are completing formal extradition proceedings. The next hearing to consider his bail application will be held in a Sydney court in November. After the arrest, the Australian police submitted the charges against the American ex-pilot and the arrest application to the court in a sealed envelope.

The FBI requested the arrest of the pilot
A spokesman for the federal attorney-general’s department said the man was arrested on October 21, 2022, pursuant to a US request for his provisional arrest. As the matter is before the courts, it would not be appropriate to comment further. The arrests come a week after Britain exposed dozens of ex-military pilots working in China. Britain had said that if these people do not stop working for China, legal action will be taken based on the new national security law. Australia is also investigating reports that some former fighter pilots were approached to work in China.

He was accused of working for the Chinese army
The American investigative agency FBI had been looking for Daniel Edmund Duggan for a long time because of his work for the Chinese military. When the location of this ex-pilot was traced to Australia, immediate arrest was requested. After a decade in the US military, the pilot moved to Australia after retirement and started a business called Top Gun Tasmania. It offered former American and British fighter pilots to fly the plane to the delight of tourists. Daniel Edmund Duggan has also flown military aircraft at record shows and at the Australian Air Show.


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