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US Air Force: US Air Force finds dangerous laser weapon that can destroy enemy missiles in the blink of an eye

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The US Air Force is known around the world for its advanced technology and modern warfare. Now the US Air Force has got the weapon that other countries’ armies are dreaming of. The US Air Force has a weapon that can attack the enemy from any plane and the enemy will have no idea.



  • The US Air Force recently received its first high-energy laser weapon.
  • This weapon can be launched by placing it on any of the pods of the aircraft.
  • This laser weapon was designed by Lockheed Martin.
WashingtonThe US Air Force recently received its first high-powered weapon. This weapon can be launched by placing it on any of the pods of the aircraft. The weapon was designed by Lockheed Martin. The U.S. Air Force has not commented on the report, but Lockheed Martin has. Lockheed Martin says it recently donated a laser weapon to the Air Force, which will be tested in the next few days. Lockheed Martin plans to develop a laser-armed fighter jet. These will be jets that can attack enemy missiles and other targets.

What is this weapon?
This laser weapon is known as LANCE. The Breaking Defense has confirmed that Lockheed Martin delivered the first such high-powered weapon to the Air Force in February this year. LANCE stands for Laser Advances for Next-Generation Compact Environment and is assigned to the Air Force Research Laboratory. The lab is responsible for developing state-of-the-art technology related to air, land, space and cyberspace. Tyler Giffin, executive at Lockheed Martin, said the weapon is the smallest, lightest and most powerful laser and is a power class weapon.
US hypersonic missile: Russia-China ‘Brahmastar’ will fail, US builds round of hypersonic missilesAccording to Giffin, the first weapon Lockheed developed for the military was a directed energy weapon. LANCE is one sixth of the size of these weapons. The laser weapon robot with the army was built under the Electric Laser Initiative program and its output was 60 kW class. However, it is not yet known what kind of power LANCE will be able to generate. But it is believed that the power will be less than 100 kW.

This new laser weapon can be fitted to fighter jets. This weapon will be able to attack the enemy with a fighter jet in the air. LANCE can stack anti-aircraft missiles in an instant. In 2017, the US Air Force launched a project called Shield, which was to develop high-energy weapons. LANCE is a weapon developed under this program. The shield is being developed in collaboration with Lockheed Martin.

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Web title: US Air Force receives its first high-energy laser weapon from Lockheed Martin
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