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Urvashi Rautela wore a silver chain given by Rishabh Pant? Watch the video to know the truth

New Delhi: Urvashi Rautela is in the news more than her films these days due to her connection with Rishabh Pant. Netizens are seeing each and every Instagram post of hers associating her with Rishabh Pant. Rishabh Pant is currently in Australia to play T20 World. Urvashi Rautela is also in Australia.

Today, Urvashi’s new video went viral during the India-Pakistan match. The video may be promotional but people are watching it in association with Rishabh Pant. In fact, Urvashi is seen wearing a silver chain in the video. Netizens think that this chain was given to them by Rishabh Pant, as cricketers also wear such chains.

In the video, Urvashi is seen wearing a beautiful dress with diamonds and silver chains. Rishabh Pant has also been seen wearing such a silver chain on several occasions, so people are speculating that the chain that Urvashi is wearing was given to her by Rishabh Pant. Only Urvashi Rautela can reveal the truth.

Urvashi mentioned Rishabh Pant in an interview some time ago. He had said that the cricketer waited for him in the hotel lobby for nearly 10 hours, after which Rishabh also taunted him and accused him of seeking cheap fame. Since then many things are being said about the relationship between the two. There is a discussion that both were in a relationship earlier. The two were also seen together several times, although Rishabh Pant has denied these things.

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