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Ukraine war: Russia now for the first time fired missiles at Lviv near Poland, know the situation of Ukraine war on the 24th day

The war between Russia and Ukraine has now entered its 24th day. For the first time since the start of the war, the Russian military has launched a deadly missile attack on the western Ukrainian city of Lviv, bordering Poland. Russia fired six missiles at the area adjacent to Lviv airport. The mayor of Lviv has described the Russian attacks. Ukraine, meanwhile, has said it has closed two main Russian routes to attack Kyiv.

The mayor said no one had been confirmed dead in the Russian strikes in Lviv. The city of Lviv is just 80 kilometers from the border with NATO member Poland. The mayor said Russia had targeted an aircraft repair plant. Ukraine’s Western Command said the 6X-555 missiles may have been fired from the Black Sea by Russia. Two of the missiles are claimed to have been destroyed in mid-air by Ukraine’s air defense.
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Russia has so far fired 1080 missiles at Ukraine
Meanwhile, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said in his speech that the country’s air force was not enough to ensure security. Meanwhile, Ukraine’s military has claimed responsibility for a series of rocket attacks on the Russian capital, Kyiv. This has prevented Russian troops from advancing on Kyiv from both sides. The Ukrainian military says Russian forces were 70 kilometers south of the city. As a result, they are not capable of attacking anything other than rockets.

Ukraine’s military says Russian forces are targeting its infrastructure but has blocked a major offensive. Not only this, for the protection of Kyiv now a third layer is being made along with two layers. However, he acknowledged that cruise missiles were still a threat to the city. Russia is raining missiles on Ukraine through the Black Sea and Belarus, both in different directions. The United States has said that Russia has so far fired 1080 missiles at Ukraine.
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War against Ukraine will push Russia back decades: Zelensky
Ukrainian President Zelensky has predicted that the war against Ukraine will push Russia back decades – similar to the tragedy of the 1990s. “I believe that by attacking us, they will destroy what Russian society has achieved in the last 25 years, and they will return to where they once started – in the 90’s,” Zelensky said. The situation of the decade will be like the ‘tragedy of the decade’. .

“To work for the development of our state without just freedom, without the constructive will of millions,” he said in a video address. This will be the price for Russia in the war against Ukraine. It will be a fall for them, a painful fall. And they will feel – despite the publicity of the television preachers. ‘ Earlier, Ukraine’s armed forces said that Russian troops had used their entire stockpile of missiles and some types of ammunition. According to the Ukrainian Armed Forces, many companies operating in the Russian arms industry have been converted to round-the-clock mode.
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Attempt to delay Kyiv talks: Putin
Meanwhile, Russian President Vladimir Putin and German Chancellor Olaf Schulz had a telephone conversation. The Russian leader, meanwhile, said the Kyiv regime wanted to prolong the peace talks. “It was noted that the Kyiv regime is trying its best to delay the negotiation process, advancing as many unrealistic proposals as possible,” the Kremlin said. Nevertheless, the Russian side is ready to find a solution according to its well-known theoretical approach. According to the RT, Putin also said that the Russian armed forces were doing everything possible to save the lives of civilians, including providing a safe corridor for the population of war-torn cities.


Russian missile attack destroys building


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