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Ukraine war: Putin’s ‘Iron Man’ will attack Ukraine! Developed a ‘super power suit’, but a shortcoming became a headache for Russia

Moscow: The Russian military is now more aggressive than ever in the Ukraine war. On Saturday, Russia used its super-destroyer Kinzel hypersonic missile against Ukraine, which blew up a Ukrainian military base. Now news is coming that Russian soldiers will enter the battlefield wearing ‘Vajra ka suit’. Russia has developed ‘exoskeleton’ suits for its soldiers that they can wear during the war. It is believed they could be used in the Ukraine war.

The high-tech ‘Iron-Man’ style suite gives soldiers tight security, great strength, accuracy and the ability to run fast and long distances in difficult terrain. Russia has been secretly working on these exo-suits for many years. According to the Daily Star, Russia is preparing to use them in the Ukraine war. According to The Sun, the Russian military had earlier tested the so-called ‘active powered’ exoskeleton, which is capable of equipping soldiers with amazing powers.
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The superpowers come in suits
They were designed to enhance the capabilities of soldiers. The suit is capable of increasing distance, speed, battery power and protection from injury as well as lethal accuracy. Wearing this suit, a soldier can cover long distances with a heavy weight and can hit his target with a machine gun. Its inbuilt hydraulics system enables soldiers to carry heavy loads.

The suite increases the capacity of the entire unit
Such powerless suits are already being used in the car industry to relieve workers’ muscle pain. In tests last year, Russia’s Rostek State Corporation claimed that the “Iron Man” suit had proved “very effective” in Syria’s operations. The Russian media organization Sputnik said that in addition to increasing the capacity of one soldier, it also increases the combat capability of the entire unit.

There is a big drawback in the suit
Russian scientists are hoping to complete their design by 2025. They claim that they want to make it stronger and faster. Russia has also developed powerless ‘Ratnik’ combat suits, developed by the Central Research Institute for Precision Machine Building. This suit is designed to avoid the biggest shortage of exo-suits. Exo-Suite has one of the biggest drawbacks. If its battery runs out, the soldier may be trapped inside and unable to move until help arrives.


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