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UK Prime Minister Election Results: Who will be the Prime Minister of Britain? Voting ended, this day will decide the fate of Sunak and Truss

London: Voting for the last phase of the election of the new Prime Minister in Britain has ended. Along with this, the ongoing election tussle between former finance minister Rishi Sunak and foreign minister Liz Truss has also come to an end. Members of the Conservative Party voted in favor of their preferred candidate in the final round on Friday. The Conservative Party’s campaign headquarters said the winner of the prime ministerial race would be announced at 12.30pm local time on Monday. Rishi Sunk, 42, and Liz Truss, 47, battled each other several times to win votes and sway the Conservative Party’s nearly 160,000 members.

Both the leaders had made many promises to the public in the elections.
The former Indian-origin minister called curbing rising inflation an immediate priority of his campaign. At the same time, Foreign Minister Truss promised that if she is elected as Prime Minister, she will issue an order to cut taxes from the first day of taking office. Sunk was ahead of Truss in polls conducted by party MPs to choose the final two candidates, while one poll showed him behind in the vote for party members. However, Sunak’s supporters hope the poll will be false as the 2019 general election also saw Boris Johnson as the country’s Prime Minister, contrary to poll predictions.

Who is Rishi Sunak?
Rishi Sunak is the son-in-law of former Infosys chairman Narayan Murthy. He is the MP from Richmond, Yorkshire. Rishi, who entered Parliament in 2015, was one of the leaders of the Conservative Party who supported Boris Johnson’s decision to leave Britain from the European Union. He believed that small businesses would do better in Britain after Brexit. Before becoming the Finance Minister, Sunak was the Chief Secretary of the Treasury Department and was also the Finance Minister’s second-in-command.


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