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Tu Tejas Da Hankar Ho Tum, Brahmos Da Ajay Lalkar Ho Tum… Read this poem by PM Modi in the name of soldiers on Diwali.

New Delhi/KargilLike every year, Prime Minister Modi celebrated Diwali with the soldiers this year too. After reaching Kargil in Jammu and Kashmir, PM Modi met the jawans and distributed sweets to them. Seeing the Prime Minister with them, the enthusiasm of the jawans was also high. Everyone together raised slogans of Bharat Ki Mata Di Jai and Vande Mataram in front of Modi. Apart from this, on the occasion of Diwali, PM Modi also warned the enemies from the land of Kargil. India has always seen war as a last resort, Modi said, but the armed forces have the strength and strategy to give a befitting reply to anyone who looks down on the country.

Diwali celebration of end of terrorism: Modi
Addressing the armed forces here on Diwali, Modi also recalled his visit to the border region in 1999 after the Kargil conflict. The Indian Army crushed the leprosy of terrorism at that time. He said, “There was never a war with Pakistan when Kargil did not raise the flag of victory.” He said that Diwali is a celebration of the end of terrorism. Continuing his tradition of celebrating Diwali on the country’s border, Modi said, “I have seen the Kargil war closely. At that time it was my duty that brought me to Kargil. There are many memories of the time when the sound of victory was ringing all around.

We crushed terrorism in Kargil: Prime Minister
The Prime Minister said, ‘Our armed forces crushed the leprosy of terrorism in Kargil and people still remember the Diwali celebrated then. Modi said that the inclusion of women in the armed forces will increase our strength. He said that reforms in the armed forces were needed for decades, which were now being implemented.

Prime Minister Modi’s poem dedicated to the bravery of soldiers
The body is tricolor, the mind is tricolor, the desire is tricolor, the path is tricolor
The confidence of victory roars
broad chest
Solution in the dream
step by step

Pride of India
Seeing you, every Indian is filled with pride
The saga of bravery echoed from house to house, men and women all bowed their heads
We also have a deep connection with the ocean, we also have dreams.
Dedicated everything for the interest of the country

Now the enemies of the country have come to know
Pride of India
Every Indian feels proud to see you
When it comes to love, the sea is calm.
But if you look at the country, you are brave, Vajra Vikrant.

A fearless fire, a fire you are,
You are fearless, fierce and serpentine
You are Arjuna, Prithvi, Arihant

You do penance here
The country is blessed there
Pride of India
Every Indian in your country is filled with pride

You are a proud head
Tejas rings in the sky
What he said with an eye in the eye of the enemy
You are Ajay Lalkar of Brahmos

We owe you every moment
This truth repeats the country
Pride of India
Every Indian feels proud to see you
Prime Minister’s warning to the evil eye
The Prime Minister said that a country is secure only when its borders are secure, economy is strong and society is full of self-confidence. Modi said that India is dealing with its external and internal enemies with full force. He explained about the steps taken to eradicate terrorism, Naxalism and extremism from within the country. He said that India never saw war as a first option. “We have always seen war as a last resort,” he said. We are for world peace. But peace cannot be achieved without strength.

The Prime Minister said, ‘Our armed forces have strength as well as strategy. If anyone dares to cast an evil eye on us, our three armed forces know very well how to retaliate. PM Modi also said that ‘self-reliant India’ is very important for the country’s security and our dependence on is abroad Weapons and systems must be minimized.

Let’s celebrate Diwali with the youth every year since 2014
Modi has been visiting various military bases to celebrate Diwali since coming to power in 2014. In 2014, Prime Minister Modi celebrated Diwali with soldiers at Siachen Glacier. The following year, to mark the 50th anniversary of the 1965 war with Pakistan, he visited three monuments in Punjab on Diwali where the Indian Army had fought and been instrumental in the country’s victory. In 2016, the Prime Minister visited Sumdo near the China border in Himachal Pradesh to meet Indo-Tibetan Border Police (ITBP) personnel, Dogra Scouts and Army personnel on the occasion of Diwali.

Modi visited North Kashmir’s Gurez sector during Diwali in 2017 and visited Kedanath in 2018 after celebrating Diwali in Uttarakhand’s Harsheel. After winning again in the Lok Sabha elections, Modi, who became the Prime Minister again, celebrated Diwali in Rajouri, Jammu and Kashmir in 2019. In 2020, he went to Longewala border post to celebrate Prakash Utsav, while last year he celebrated Diwali with jawans at Nowshera.


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