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To avoid small animals in the forest, these spiders imitate ants, do not weave webs, make small nests.

Hazaribagh: The forests of Jharkhand are full of many mysteries. The Chotanagpur Plateau of Jharkhand is no less than a treasure trove for scientists. The Hazaribagh Plateau is rich in biodiversity. In this context, Rahul Kumar, who is doing PhD from Zoology Department of Vinoba Bhave University, Hazaribagh, has discovered a new species of spider. He is posted as Assistant Principal in Shivdeni Saw College, Magadh University.

An ant-like spider found in the forests of Hazaribagh

Biologist Rahul Kumar has discovered a spider from the Hazaribagh Wildlife Sanctuary that looks exactly like a black ant. They say that only five species of this spider are found in the world. Among them, only one species is found in India, namely ‘Miramplata palateliodes’. Usually this spider is red in color, but Rahul Kumar has discovered a black subspecies of this spider, which mimics black ants of the Campinotus compressus species. Mimicry means that they imitate ants in both their behavior and appearance.

A worm changes eight times in its lifetime
Zoologist Rahul Kumar has studied the life cycle of this spider in detail. This spider changes its moth eight times in a lifetime of about two months. After the sixth metamorphosis, they assume an ant-like color.

Difference between female and male ants
There are many differences between female and male ants. A female spider looks just like an ant. While the male spider carries away the dead ant like an ant. Ants also have the characteristic that after the death of one of their mates, they carry it with them.

These spiders make nests near the ant colony
Ants live in colonies as social animals. Similarly, these spiders also make nests near the colony of ants. As their insects change, they look completely like ants.

No one attacks by looking like ants
Everyone is confused seeing the spider with his face in the crowd of ants. All ants consider them members of their community, so never attack them.

The net is not woven, a small nest is made
These spiders do not weave webs, but live by making small nests. Zoologist Rahul Kumar, who researched spiders of this species, says that these spiders do not weave their webs like other spiders, but make small nests like an ant colony out of threads.

8 eyes are different from other spiders
Spiders of this species have 8 eyes. While different species of spiders have 2 to 6 eyes. But these spiders living in Hazaribagh Wildlife Sanctuary have 8 eyes.

Walks with 2 legs hidden to look like ants
These spiders living with ants have 8 legs. Whereas ants have 6 legs. In such a situation, they hide both their legs to look like ants. So that the ants are also confused and they walk with them comfortably.

20 eggs are laid, the number increases in September
Ants of the species Campinotus compressus lay 20 eggs at the time of breeding. The specialty of this egg is that when seen with a microscope, it is also seen in different foods in the egg. Generally, their breeding season lasts throughout the year, but their numbers increase rapidly in the month of September.

Separates from the ants and searches for prey
These spiders spend most of their time with the ants, but occasionally separate from them in search of their food. After hunting, they then return to the ant colony, but never make the ants their prey.

Even animals like lions do not mess with ants
Big animals like lions don’t mess with ants. Large animals are afraid of swarms of ants. Spider ants’ mimicry protects them from predation by other animals. Not only this, the seventh and eighth time the spiders change their claws to look like black ants of different shapes. Due to which the ants get the illusion that these spiders are one of them and do not harm them.
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The research is published in the journal of the Netherlands
How amazing nature is. The study was published this month in Animal Biology, the research journal of the Netherlands Zoological Society. This journal is one of the oldest journals in the world to publish research work in the field of biology. This research work was also presented by biologist Rahul Kumar at a conference of the Royal Entomological Society, London. The forests of Jharkhand are full of such wonderful mysteries. Biodiversity needs to be studied to discover these mysteries.

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50 thousand species of spiders
Spiders are among the creatures that have thousands of species. According to the World Spider Catalogue, more than 50 thousand species of spiders have been discovered so far. Spiders have a pouch in their abdomen, which secretes a sticky substance, which weaves this web. Spiders are carnivores. Traps insects in the net and eats them.


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