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Threat of separatism again in Rajasthan, pressure created for religious conversion, police engaged in safety investigation of youth

Bhilwara:A software engineer has been threatened to beheaded in Bhilwara, Rajasthan. After this, his entire family is scared, this young man who works in Pune came to Bhilwara 3 days ago when his father’s health deteriorated. Earlier, a threatening letter was received from the balcony of his house, which There was talk of applying pressure for religious conversion. wrote Along with this, they threatened to behead the dead body if they did not listen. Along with this, this software engineer was also threatened over the phone.

The caller was caught by the police
Subhash Nagar police station officer Nandlal Rinwa said that the police is rapidly investigating the handwriting of the letter threatening to behead the software engineer. Also, the person who called the engineer after receiving the letter has been detained by the police from UP. will be brought to Bhilwara and thoroughly interrogated, only then will the whole matter come to light.

Considering the seriousness of the matter, Bhilwara district police has come on alert mode. On the basis of the mobile location of the young man who called the software engineer Vijay, the police in U.P. The police is also getting the threat letter examined by a handwriting expert. Apart from this, the CCTV footage is also being scanned.

The police gave protection to the youth
Subhash Nagar Police Station Nandlal Rinwa said that Vijay, a software engineer living in the police station area, had received a threatening letter. Meanwhile, his phone also came. In it, he was asked to convert and if he did not do so, he was threatened with beheading. Police have deployed two armed security guards at the youth’s residence.

Report – Pramod Tiwari


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