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This person did Shah Rukh Khan’s stunt in ‘Brahmastra’, fans are praising after the picture went viral

Shah Rukh Khan’s character in the film ‘Brahmastra’ had impressed the fans and the audience. In the film, he is seen in the role of a Delhi-based scientist and vanara Aster. His role in the film is very small but he completely captivated the audience. An unseen picture from the set of the film has come out. In this picture, Shah Rukh is seen posing with the stuntman who performed his stunts in the film. Shahrukh had a long cameo in the film but Ranbir Kapoor and Alia Bhatt are in the lead roles.

The stuntman himself has shared this picture with Shahrukh Khan on his Instagram account. According to the stuntman’s Instagram account, his name is Hasit Sawani and he is an international stunt performer based in the UK. In the picture, the faces and clothes of Shahrukh and Hasit are painted red. Both are wearing matching clothes.

Shah Rukh Khan Stuntman

Shah Rukh Khan posing with a stuntman. (Photo credit: Instagram @hasitsavani)

Shah Rukh Khan and Hasit Sawani can be seen posing in front of the green screen. Shahrukh’s part was shot at this location. Sharing this picture, Hasit wrote, “It is a real pleasure to become a stunt double for the famous Shah Rukh Khan for a cameo scene in the Bollywood film Brahmastra.”

The picture soon went viral with many SRK fans sharing it on various platforms. Commenting on the post with the picture, fans praised the stunt double for his performance in ‘Brahmastra’. One fan wrote, “Salute to a stuntman who pulls off such an act.” Another fan wrote, “Bro.. you were amazing there.” Another fan wrote, “You deserve appreciation for your work. Well done.”

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