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The roar of 3000 cannons, the burning fire of guns and the crowd of thousands …

Prabhu Prajapat, Udaipur: 400 years in Menar village in Udaipur district of Rajasthan (Ammunition Holi was played in UdaipurThe tradition that has been going on since then continues even today. In the village of Menar, thousands of youths gathered under this tradition to celebrate with gunpowder. The young Khatris join the decorations of the warriors and the gunpowder holi, which starts late in the evening, continues till night. Seeing the gunpowder Holi scene, it seems that even today the youth are very enthusiastic about this tradition. About three thousand cannons were fired at the village during the festival.Three thousand guns firedOne by one, 50 artillery shells were fired daily. The sound of explosions was heard five kilometers away.

Significantly, people come from as far away as 100 kilometers to see it. Don’t forget the village youth who live abroad. The youth of his village enjoy Barood Holi.

Why is gunpowder Holi celebrated?
About 400 years ago, the people of the Menaria Brahmin community won the war against the Mughals and drove them out of the village. After the victory in the battle, Menar was given the title of 17th Umrao by the Maharana of Mewar. Apart from this a jam was also given by the Maharana in honor of the villagers, which is still with the people of the village. At the beginning of this gunpowder holi, when all are together, the same jam is used.

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However, the event was canceled due to Corona last year. This time the youth are doubly excited about it. It is noteworthy that people working in other states may not be able to reach their villages on Diwali but they do come once a year on the festival of Jamra Seed.

Preparations have been going on for a year in Mendar village
People come here from far and wide to see the Holi of gunpowder. So the villagers start preparing a month in advance. This time on the day of Jamra BG, the Khatris are dressed like warriors. 3000 youths danced on the crown of drums with sword in one hand and sword in the other. The tradition of dancing has been going on for decades.

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Young people from different countries
The people of Minar village live and work in different countries. People have come to their respective villages to celebrate the Holi of gunpowder. Young people spend 10% of their earnings on this festival to maintain their tradition. If young people are to be believed, they take part in the gunpowder holi every year so that their children can know about it. We all strive to preserve our culture.


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