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The heartwarming story of Bihar’s fugitive IPS Aditya and his most special sub-inspector Sanjay will leave you in awe.

Patna : A person very close to the then SSP of Gaya. Overall he was Aditya Kumar’s right hand man. Wherever he went, he was full force. He used to say that as long as Aditya is there, no one can harm him. His name is Sanjay Kumar. Sub Inspector Sanjay Kumar. Sub Inspector of 2009 batch. The air is such that he does not consider himself less than IPS. The story of the alliance between Sanjay Kumar and IPS Aditya Kumar begins when Aditya Kumar is the SP of Jehanabad. Sanjay Kumar was working in a police station in Jehanabad at that time.

The story of Naughty Show
Local journalists from Gaya and Jehanabad told the story of their relationship on condition of anonymity. According to information, Aditya was transferred after Jehanabad. He S.S.P. Along with this, Sanjay Kumar was transferred to Fatehpur police station in Gaya. According to the sources, there was a very strong relationship between the two. Sanjay Kumar is the SHO of Fatehpur police station. It was his routine to boast among his subordinates. He used to say clearly that SSP is his man, no one can harm him.

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Alliance with the liquor mafia
Aditya Kumar clashed with his superiors because of Sanjay Kumar. The matter was related to the liquor dealer there. Aditya knew of Sanjay Kumar’s dark deeds, but no action. By flouting the law of prohibition where the rest of the policemen of Gaya were sleeping. At the same time, Sanjay Kumar could not be disturbed. Instead of taking action against Sanjay Kumar, Aditya would just let him off with a warning. The scam between IPS Aditya and Sanjay Kumar was exposed when the liquor was recovered. On 8 March 2021, English liquor in a sack was recovered. After that, on March 26, a consignment of 150 liters of liquor kept in a Centro car was caught in Fatehpur police station area.

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Sanjay Kumar used to help the criminal
In this case, Sanjay Kumar registered Sanaha only for the purpose of playing sports. Liquor was not shown to be seized. SHO Sanjay Kumar did not register an FIR in the matter. FIR against Sanjay Kumar on charges of negligence in this case. After this, a case of cyber fraud came to light in Fatehpur police station only in 2021. In which two brothers were caught from Dhaneta area of ​​Fatehpur. ATM cards and mobile phones have been recovered from their possession. SHO Sanjay Kumar also tried to cover up the matter. The case was weakened by merely filing the affidavit, not showing the seizure in the case.

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Aditya Kumar’s nearest police station Sadar S
After this, a criminal applied for a pistol in Fatehpur police station. SHO Sanjay Kumar gave in writing without any inquiry that Ravi Kumar did not register any complaint against the applicant. After this someone complained to the then IG Amit Lodha. Amit Lodha asked SSP Aditya Kumar to take action against Sanjay Kumar, but Aditya Kumar avoided talking to the IG. In this case, it came to light that the person seeking pistol license is a history sheeter. 5 criminal cases are registered against Sanjay Kumar in Fatehpur police station. Knowing everything, SHO Sanjay Kumar wrote a report in their favor. The report has also been sent to the DM. After the whole situation became clear, Sanjay Kumar was suspended.

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Charged with driving a felon
After which the Aurangabad district police arrested the fugitive Golden Das in a criminal case after much trouble. Sanjay Kumar planned to escape from the scene. However, the Aurangabad police have arrested Golden Das. But on the complaint of the police, a case was registered against Sanjay Kumar. After which he escaped fearing arrest. Meanwhile, IPS Aditya clashed with his seniors to save Sanjay Kumar. He felt that after the arrest of Sanjay, his dark deeds will also come to light. Meanwhile, there was a fierce cold war between SSP Aditya Kumar and IG Amit Lodha. The matter reached the home department of the state government.

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The accused policeman is absconding
Aditya Kumar had admitted in his order that Sanjay Kumar had made a big mistake. Even after that they kept letting him off with a warning. He was also given an opportunity to improve his work. The matter of keeping an eye on Sanjay Kumar also came to light. Meanwhile, IG Amit Lodha termed Sanjay Kumar as an incompetent police officer and recommended that Sanjay Kumar be deprived of the police station for 10 years. So far, Sanjay Kumar is absconding from the police fearing arrest.


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