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The claim made on Saturday… Nitish hit back on Sunday, saying – ‘We don’t talk about numbers, if we become one, BJP will be wiped out’.

Patna: of Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar (CM Nitish Kumar) has reversed his statement, in which he claimed to control the BJP on 50 seats in the 2024 Lok Sabha elections. Nitish said that he does not talk about seats but when all the opposition parties unite, BJP is sure to be wiped out. The Chief Minister said that in the coming days he will go to Delhi and meet the leaders of the opposition parties there and unite them. He said that out of the seven parties of the Grand Alliance, the leaders of four parties are in Delhi. Will go to Delhi and meet them and discuss the next strategy after talking to everyone. Bihar Chief Minister Nitish said that he will also meet the President and Vice President after going to Delhi. Meanwhile, CM Nitish was seen avoiding the question of strengthening BJP on 50 seats and said that he does not talk about numbers. In fact, on Saturday, Nitish Kumar had said that the 2024 Lok Sabha elections will narrow the BJP to 50 seats.

What did Nitish Kumar say?
In fact, Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar is in a completely different mood. Nitish Kumar has openly opened a front against the BJP. What can be guessed from his statements, which way his preparation is going? His plan is to bring all the opposition parties on one platform. There is a plan to keep BJP on 50 seats. In Patna, Nitish Kumar has said that ‘if all the opposition parties fight together, the BJP will get 50 seats in the 2024 elections.’ Nitish Kumar even said that he is working for it.

Nitish is going to Delhi on Monday
Let us tell you that Nitish Kumar, who broke ties with the NDA about a month ago, said the above things in the state executive meeting of his party on Saturday. Nitish Kumar, whose party now wants to see him in a prominent role in national politics, is on a three-day visit to Delhi from Monday. In Delhi, he is likely to meet Congress leader Rahul Gandhi and Aam Aadmi Party chief Arvind Kejriwal. It is worth noting that about a week ago Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao during his visit to Patna met Nitish and Rashtriya Janata Dal chief Lalu Yadav and called for a ‘BJP free India’.

BJP has described Nitish’s claim as ridiculous
In the 2024 Lok Sabha elections, the BJP dismissed Chief Minister Nitish Kumar’s claim that a united opposition could corner the BJP in just 50 seats as ridiculous. BJP state president Sanjay Jaiswal mocked Nitish Kumar and said that he does not need to be taken seriously now and neither is the public. In a Facebook post, Jaiswal took a swipe at the party without naming Kumar or the Janata Dal (U), which does not even get 50 seats in the 243-member Bihar assembly. Let alone the rest of the states, the neighboring state of Jharkhand does not have a single MLA. The party which could not stand on its feet in 28 years. He took a swipe at the JD(U), referring to the 2014 Lok Sabha elections, which captured 36 of Bihar’s 40 seats. Its leaders are making ridiculous claims of bringing a big national party like BJP under 50/540.


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