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The biggest players in this stake of politics are Nitish Kumar, Lalu, George to Prashant have taken such benefits.

Ramakant Chandan, Patna: There are no permanent friends and no permanent enemies in politics. A successful politician is considered to be one who maintains friendship and enmity according to time and circumstances. If we look at the politics of Bihar in the last two-three decades, Nitish Kumar seems to be the biggest player in this stake. Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar is an expert in making friends and enemies depending on the time and situation. It cannot be denied that Lalu Yadav is the biggest public leader of Bihar, but interestingly, Nitish Kumar also made friendship and enmity with him according to his convenience and profit-loss. Let’s take a look at the big faces of Bihar whom Nitish Kumar is targeting for his political gains.

Lalu Yadav and Nitish

There was a time when Lalu Prasad and Nitish Kumar were the big names of Dalit struggle heroes. It is said that politics of Nitish Kumar was flourishing along with Lalu Yadav. Then the Congress people used to talk about them as Ranga Billa Jodi. Lalu Yadav had a big hand in bringing Nitish Kumar closer to Sharad Yadav in politics. Lalu Yadav had once said that even criminal type Dularchand Yadav was garlanded for Nitish Kumar’s victory. But there was a time when Nitish Kumar left Lalu Prasad’s side in 1994. In 1994 along with Satish Kumar held a massive rally at Gandhi Maidan and formed the Samata Party. But when the BJP did not come to him, he took the side of Lalu Prasad twice. Formed government once in 2015 with Lalu Yadav and again in 2017 with BJP. But in 2022 he once again went to Lalu Prasad and formed the government with RJD in the state.

George Fernandes and Nitish

George Fernandes, Digvijay Singh, Shivanand Tiwari had a big hand in building the Samata Party. But in 2004 Nitish Kumar did not give ticket to George from Muzaffarpur. He finally contested as an independent.

Nitish and Lalan Singh

Lalan Singh also stood with Nitish in creating a political platform like Janata Dal U (JDU). But when resentment grew, Lalan Singh had to leave the party. Then Lalan Singh left the party and joined the Congress. In the 2010 assembly elections, Lalan Singh also campaigned on behalf of the Congress. Then in 2013, Nitish Kumar met with Lalan Kumar. Later joined Nitish Kumar in politics. And they are currently number one by JDU.

Nitish Kumar and Upendra Kushwaha

Upendra Kushwaha was also active in Janata Dal U. Resentment grew between the two and Upendra Kushwaha separated in 2007. NCP politics and Nitish Kumar, who returned to the JDU in 2010, sent him to the Rajya Sabha. In 2011 he again split from JDU. RLSP was formed in 2013. NDA joined the alliance. Also in 2018 NDA In 2020, he contested in the alliance of RJD. lost In 2021, Nitish Kumar again joined the JDU.

Nitish and Prashant Kishore

Nitish Kumar and Prashant Kishore got married in 2015. Achieved success in assembly elections. Prashant Kishore also became the National Vice President in the party. But then there was a difference of opinion. left the party These days there was a lot of heat going on between the two. But last week Prashant Kishore and Nitish met again with the support of Pawan Verma. What happened was not disclosed. But there is discussion in political circles that the case of mobilization against Namo was discussed. However, the list of this philosophy is quite long. The names of Digvijay Singh, Shivanand Tiwari, Satish Kumar and Arun Kumar are also prominently linked. One name of RCP Singh is associated with this campaign. I don’t know when Nitish Kumar was needed in this journey of politics.


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