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The ‘Aadhaar’ will be historic for the film industry, these stars will be the reality show on screen

Renowned producer and actor Arun Pandian said that director Ramnath Palani Kumar’s upcoming film is ‘Aadhaar’. He said that actor Karunas is in the lead role in this film and it will emerge as a historical film in Tamil cinema. This is stated by the producer in a video clip. “After completing ‘Amberkinial’, I listened to about 10 scripts,” he said. The stories of all these scripts had a lot of commercial elements but some of them also had films of great actors. However, I chose only two films.

Represents reality
“There was a film in which Atharva was in the lead role,” says Pandian. Sam Anton is the director and his title is ‘Trigger’. The second film that I approved was director Ramnath’s ‘Aadhaar’, the script of which was superb. After hearing this, I asked the director if he would be able to show him what he told and told me. I am very happy to have completed the film today. This is a film that is surrounded by realism.

Aadhaar will be special for Tamil cinema
The base film shows how ‘everyone, including the police, is a prisoner of circumstance’. I think I have given 100 percent to present my role in a better way. No doubt I have done many films and many distributions but this will be one of the biggest films in the history of Kollywood. I would have been involved in about 1,000 movies in one form or another. I can tell you that this movie is different. I want ‘Aadhaar’ to emerge as a milestone film in Tamil cinema and I think it will. The film will star Tamil actress Ritwika.

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