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Tears are coming from Puneet Rajkumar’s last film ‘James’, huge earnings in 3 days

Power star Puneet Rajkumar’s latest film James (Puneet Rajkumar James) is constantly making waves at the box office. The film, which hits the theaters on March 17 on the Kannada superstar’s birthday, has made fans emotional. Once again, millions of fans are remembering their favorite star, whom they affectionately call Appu. According to reports, the film has grossed Rs 54 crore so far.

Puneet’s James is earning coffee

James had a turnover of Rs 27 crore on the first day which is a historic opening collection and earned Rs 19 crore on the second day. It has earned Rs 9 crore on the third day and so far its total box office collection has reached Rs 54 crore. Ratan has been released in Kannada with dubbed versions in Hindi, Malayalam, Tamil and Telugu. Action Flick was released in 400 cinemas across Karnataka and recorded over 4000 shows worldwide.

Puneet is also remembered for his philanthropic deeds

On the day of the film’s release, Puneet’s co-star Priya Anand shared a post on Instagram and wrote a heartfelt note remembering the actor. Priya wrote, “From me till now … Happy Birthday my dear Apo!” The actor is remembered not only for his acting but also for his many charitable deeds. According to media reports, the eyes donated by Puneet Rajkumar have been donated to four youths. It includes four men and a woman. In the last two days, Narayan has undergone eye surgery in Netralaya.

The role of James is Puneet’s ‘real character’.

Directed by Chetan Kumar, James is a purely commercial entertainment starring Puneet Rajkumar in the lead role. He played the role of Santosh Kumar alias James, a paratrooper and a fierce defender Shiv Rajkumar which matches his real life. The film also stars Sarath Kumar and Priya Anand in pivotal roles. It was the last film to be shot before the death of James Puneet. He was the son of the legendary actor of Southern cinema, Rajkumar, who died of a heart attack at the age of 46.

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