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T20 World Cup: Rohit Sharma gets emotional while singing national anthem, Rajasthan BJP president’s heart-touching tweet

Jaipur: Team India gave Pakistan a blast at the Melbourne Cricket Ground in Australia. The Indian team won the first T20 match thanks to Virat Kohli’s unbeaten 82 runs and Hardik Pandya’s powerful 40 runs. The two players put on a brilliant partnership of 113 runs in 78 balls, thanks to which Team India gave the Indian fans a chance to celebrate a day before Diwali. Along with this, another special moment came before Team India’s resounding victory when captain Rohit Sharma got emotional during the national anthem just before the start of the India-Pakistan match.

Satish Punia’s tweet on Rohit’s video
This video of Rohit Sharma is going viral fast. Along with this, this emotional video of the captain of Team India has been shared by Rajasthan BJP President Satish Punia. Along with this, he also wrote a very touching message. The Rajasthan BJP president tweeted the video of Rohit Sharma and wrote – ‘That feeling’.

Rohit Sharma Video: Eyes closed, face beaming with pride… Rohit Sharma gets emotional during the national anthem
Rajasthan BJP chief said- this feeling
The video of Indian cricket team captain Rohit Sharma getting emotional at the Melbourne Cricket Stadium is going viral. Everyone is sharing and reacting to this video of his. The video that Satish Punia tweeted of Rohit Sharma also went viral quickly. This tweet received 91 retweets and 557 likes.

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Rohit Sharma became emotional while singing ‘Jai… Jai… Jai… Jai Ho’
This video came out when the match between India and Pakistan was about to start. The national anthem was playing when suddenly the camera closed on Rohit Sharma, who was singing ‘Jai… Jai… Jai… Jai Ho’. As soon as the camera stopped on Rohit, he looked very emotional. He closed his eyes. These emotional moments of his touched the heart of every Indian. Perhaps this is the reason why even Rajasthan BJP President Satish Punia could not write much on Rohit Sharma’s video. Just said – ‘that feeling’.


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