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Supermoon 2022: ‘Chanda Mama’ Coming Closer to Earth, Biggest Supermoon of the Year to Appear on July 13, Know Everything

Washington: July 13 will be the shortest distance between the Earth and the Moon. This will cause a supermoon to be seen in the night sky. During that time, the moon will be only 357,264 kilometers away from the earth. The effect of Supermoon will also be seen on the sea. A supermoon can cause a large range of high and low waves. Astronomers believe that hurricanes that hit coastal areas during Supermoon could cause flood-like conditions.

There will also be a full moon a few hours after Supermoon. ‘Fulmoon’ can be seen for 2-3 days. It wouldn’t actually be a full moon, but because of the size of the moon, it looked like this. At the same time, the shadow band on the moon will appear very thin during this time and the change will be so slow that it will look like the full moon. It is difficult for the human eye to see this process.
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What is Supermoon
Supermoon does not mean that the moon will have any special power during this time. Supermoon means that during this time the moon will appear much larger than the same size. In addition, it will look much brighter than before. This is because the moon is very close to the earth’s orbit. This condition is called perigee. In addition, the moon moves away during its orbit around the earth, which is called the apogee. During this time, the moon is 4,05,500 kilometers away from the earth.
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When will Supermoon appear?
The biggest supermoon of the year 2022 will appear on July 13. At 12:07 a.m. on July 13, a Supermoon will appear at night. It will then appear on July 3, 2023. Supermoon is also called Bakmoon. In addition, it has different names around the world.


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