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Sudan Tribal Clashes: Does Life Have No Value in Sudan? At least 220 people were killed in the two days of the ‘war’, a curfew was announced

Cairo: At least 220 people have been killed after two days of clashes between tribes in southern Sudan. It is one of the deadliest tribal conflicts in recent years. The unrest has exacerbated the crisis in the African country, which has been mired in civil strife and political chaos. This conflict took place between the Hausa tribe and Berta people in the Blue Nile state of the country. According to Blue Nile Health Ministry Director General Fath Arhman Bakhet, tensions escalated on Wednesday and Thursday in the town of Wad al-Mahi on the Ethiopian border. He said at least 220 people had died by Saturday night and the number could be much higher as medical teams could not reach the heart of the conflict.

Dead bodies of people are scattered everywhere
Bakhet said the first humanitarian and medical convoy arrived in Wad al-Mahi late on Saturday to assess the situation. He saw a large number of dead bodies lying on the spot. Dozens of injured people were waiting for help. He said that everyone loses in such clashes. We hope this will end soon and never happen again, but we need strong political, security and civil intervention to achieve this goal.

7000 people left their homes and fled to other cities
Some viral footage from the scene shows charred houses and dead bodies. Some other footage showed women and children running on foot. According to the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs, hundreds of houses have been burned in the fighting, leaving nearly 7,000 people homeless. Most of these people have fled to Russian cities. In total, about 211,000 people have been displaced this year due to tribal violence and other attacks across the country.

The Sudanese government imposed a curfew
The Sudanese government ordered a nighttime curfew in Wad al-Mahi and deployed troops to the area. The government has also set up a special team to investigate the fight, state-run Suna news agency reported. Local people are unhappy with the government’s response. They are demanding the governor’s resignation for failing to deal with the situation. People claim that the security forces are not impartial and some of them have taken sides in the conflict.


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