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Sometimes the price of potato factory and sometimes the price of flour is stated in litres, why does Rahul Gandhi make small mistakes on big occasions.

New DelhiCongress’ Bharat Joko Yatra will begin from September 7, starting from Kanyakumari and ending at Kashmir. Its complete outline has been prepared. Earlier, the party led by Rahul Gandhi held a rally against inflation on Sunday. During the rally, Rahul launched a sharp attack on the Modi government. Tried to surround the government on all issues including inflation, unemployment, GST, but then something came out of Rahul’s mouth in the midst of a huge crowd that he soon became the target of trolls. Actually, Rahul was talking about the increased prices of goods between 2014 and 2022. Meanwhile, he told the price of flour. You might be wondering what the trolling thing was all about. Actually, Rahul had mentioned the price of flour in liters instead of kilos. What followed was that trolls caught it like a falling ball in a match and memes flooded in. Although they later fixed it, the work was done by then. This is not the first incident with a Congress MP. Earlier, in the 2017 Gujarat elections, he had told the trick of making gold from potatoes. Later on checking the facts, it was found that his statement has been distorted. Apart from the troll army, BJP also takes advantage of these statements of Rahul.

Rahul told the price of flour not in kilos but in litres
A Hola Bol rally was being held against Congress inflation. Rahul was speaking a lot against the Modi government. In 2014, Rahul was making people aware about the price of petrol, the price of gas, the price of milk. Rahul said that the price of LPG gas cylinder was Rs 410 in 2014 which will be Rs 1050 in 2022, petrol and diesel price was Rs 70 and Rs 55 per liter in 2014 which is Rs 100 and Rs 90 today. Milk was 35 rupees a liter which has become 60 rupees a liter today. Meanwhile, Rahul said that flour was Rs 22 per liter in 2014, which is Rs 40 per liter today. Even a bread eater knows that flour comes in kilos, not liters, but it came out of Rahul’s mouth. A word from the mouth and an arrow from the bow never return. When Rahul realized, he fixed it but it was too late.

The tongue has slipped before… this is not the first time
Rahul Gandhi’s statement about extracting gold from potatoes will surely be remembered. During the 2017 Gujarat election campaign, the statement made at a rally was widely mocked. He told the people present in the rally that you will put potatoes on one side and gold will come out on the other side. Not only this, this statement given in 2017 was also taken advantage of in the 2018 MP, Rajasthan and Chhattisgarh assembly elections. Although the facts of this statement were checked, it was found that he was saying this statement for PM Modi, but it was edited and given as Rahul’s statement. Ever since the talk of extracting gold from potatoes, there have been many occasions when Rahul Gandhi’s tongue slipped on stage and the meaning came out. Let’s see that too.

If ED had interrogated me for 200 hours, not 55, I would not be afraid…Rahul Gandhi thundered at Ramlila Maidan
Amma Canteen is called Indira Canteen
Rahul Gandhi visited Tamil Nadu in 2017. A facility called Indira Canteen was started there to provide food to the people at very low cost. Lauding the scheme, Rahul called it Amma Canteen instead of Indira. Then what happened was that they were trolled a lot by those who trolled them. Let me tell you that Amma canteen runs in Karnataka, in which the government there provides food to the people at a very low cost.

Rahul Gandhi mentioned the price of flour at Rs 40 per litre, such was the reaction on social media
Told Steve Jobs to Microsoft
After this, Rahul Gandhi has caused his own trouble by making another statement. Rahul was addressing students at the Narsi Munji Institute in Mumbai, the financial capital of Maharashtra, when he said that one day you will run this country, rule the institutions, you will be in the role of Steve Jobs at Microsoft. It was there that Rahul forgot. Let us tell you that Steve Jobs was not the CEO of Microsoft but of Apple.

Only Mahama Gandhi’s name was removed from MGNREGA
In Parliament, Rahul Gandhi attacked the NDA government. They were targeting the government over the MGNREGA scheme. Then he called MGNREGA simply NREGA. In other words, Mahatma Gandhi’s name was removed from MGNREGA. As soon as this was said in the parliament, there was an uproar. Seeing this, Rahul corrects his mistake saying that he forgot… forgot. Yes I make a mistake…. I am not from RSS.

Here Rahul’s tongue slipped and BJP caught him there
Be it Rahul Gandhi’s potato statement or today’s flour, if anyone cashes these statements, it is the BJP. On today’s potato statement, Madhya Pradesh BJP president VD Sharma took a dig at Rahul and said that today flour is measured in litres, tomorrow we will measure petrol in kilograms. He does everything very carefully. People are retweeting this 6 second video of VD Sharma a lot. Apart from this, Sambit Patra also satirized the statement of giving liters of flour to Rahul Gandhi by holding a press conference. PM Modi himself has taken a dig at the statement of making gold from potatoes. In the 2019 election rally, the PM had said that there are such intelligent and amazing people in our country who make gold out of potatoes, but we cannot do that.

Only Congress can save the country… Rahul Gandhi gave a message to Nitish, Mamata and other opposition leaders
On these statements of Rahul, his surname also fell. However, it was given to him by his own party leader. Rahul’s statements become a headache for him. Bharatiya Janata Party also uses this statement like Sanjeevani. This mistake of Rahul Gandhi on such big occasions has stuck like a sting in his political life as well. This is also because there are general elections in 2024. Since 2014, Congress has nothing but big wins like MP, Chhattisgarh and Rajasthan. Also, with the fall of Scindia’s government, in one of these three state MPs, the bow is in the hands of the BJP. The poor performance of the Congress in 2014 and 2019 forced him to resign, since then the Congress has been looking for a permanent president. Rahul today reiterated the unity of the opposition but said in gestures that the dream of the Prime Minister is also growing within him. On the other hand, all the opposition parties mobilizing against the Modi government are not unanimous for the post of Prime Minister. The reason is that leaders like Mamata, Akhilesh and Sharad Pawar also have the desire to become the Prime Minister. In such a situation, due to Rahul slipping his tongue and becoming a target of trolls on such occasions, Congress also goes on the backfoot.


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