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So much rain that Lord Vishnu sitting on Sheshnag began to appear in the ocean, know the secret behind this idol

Mr. Narayan Narayan Hari Hari … You may have seen a viral video with this song in the last few days. There is water all around and in the middle there is a view of Kashir Sagar and on Sheshnag there are darshans of Lord Vishnu and Mother Lakshmi. This picture is of Assam.



  • A picture of Chakreshwar temple near Guwahati has gone viral
  • When the river Brahmaputra floods, a view of the ocean is created.
  • On one of the pillars is a statue of Lord Vishnu.
New Delhi: If you are watching Ramayana, Mahabharata or other religious serials then you must know about Kashirsagar. According to Hindu scriptures, Lord Vishnu and Mother Lakshmi reside in the ocean. The picture will also be formed in your mind. Lord Vishnu is reclining on Sheshnag and Mother Lakshmi is seen sitting at his feet. Vishnu is considered to be the creator of the universe. He is considered to be the representative of the household. Well, it was about the Kashmir Sea scene in TV movies. In fact, have you ever seen a picture in which the scene in the film looks real? Yes, seeing that vision every religious person starts bowing down to that divine form. This scene is similar to what we have read about the ocean in the scriptures and seen on TV. This place is close to Guwahati in our country. Every year during the rains and floods, the picture here goes viral on social media. This time too, the videos here are being shared a lot on Twitter.

The Chakreshwar temple on the banks of the river Brahmaputra has a vision of the supernatural form of Lord Vishnu and Lakshmi. In fact, the view of the ocean is created with the help of a pillar. The idols of Lord Vishnu and Lakshmi are in the same position on the Sheshnag above the pillar.

Chakreshwar Temple Guwahati

Whenever the water level of Brahmaputra river rises due to continuous rains, the pillar under the statue of Kashirsagar is completely submerged and the view of Kashirsagar comes to the fore.

Kashirasagar Lord Vishnu

Naveen Kumar Jindal has shared a video of Kashirsagar built on the waters of Brahmaputra. The stream of water is flowing all the time and the glorious form of Lord Vishnu is giving people the experience of divinity.

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Web title: Viral video of Kashir Sagar Lord Vishnu and Lakshmi Chakreshwar Temple Guwahati after rain floods
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