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Sikandar News: Camel-Horse Dance, Matka Daur, Songs of Famous Artists … Great Enthusiasm at Shekhawati Mela

Bal Mukand Joshi, Seeker: A three-day Shekhawati festival from Sunday in Laxmangarh of the districtThe Shekhawati festival begins in Sikar) Started. The three-day fair was inaugurated by District Minister in charge Shakuntala Rawat. On the first day of the program, singers Manganiyar Bhungar Khan, Moru Spera Dal and Sarwar Khan Dal performed Hindi and Rajasthani songs.Rajasthan News) Made presentations. People are very happy with these songs. At the same time the guests involved in the program were welcomed with garlands and cleanliness. He was also presented with a memento.

During the inauguration, Minister Shakuntala Rawat said that Shekhawati festival has become the hallmark of Laxmangarh. District Collector Avichal Chaturvedi said that Laxmangarh was maintaining its distinct identity in Shekhawati area. Mansions, forts, food and drink etc. are the hallmarks of Shekhawati culture. The participation of locals in the Shekhawati Mela, which has been going on for the last two years, has been increasing.

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He said that this time traditional sports competitions have also been included in the Shekhawati Mela, due to which the local people would also participate in the Shekhawati Mela. Chaturvedi said that various types of paintings have been carved in the mansions of Laxmangarh. It tells the stories of Shekhawati culture in itself.

The roar of 3000 cannons, the burning fire of guns and the crowd of thousands …
Shekhawati festival Will run until March 22. Visitors will be able to enjoy various interesting competitions such as arts and crafts, rural sports activities and camel, horse dance and matka races. People from other districts also come during the fair. If Kovid’s restrictions are lifted this time around, more people will come.


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