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Shootout @ Begusarai: 2 masterminds… 4 shooters, a ‘boss’ mistake and a big reveal

Begusarai: It happened on the evening of September 13 in Begusarai, Bihar. firing It became a topic of discussion not only in Bihar but across the country. However, under the scientific research in this case, the police not only disclosed the matter within three days, but also arrested the two miscreants involved in the incident while collecting the evidence along with the scientific research. Along with this, they have also succeeded in arresting the two miscreants who plotted the incident and played the role of the liner. The police claim that the arrest of the accused in this case has not only been done in a professional manner, but the case against the arrested accused will be strengthened in the scientific evidence court.

Mobile surveillance exposed Chunchun’s pole
Chanchun, who was arrested as a conspirator in the shooting incident, can be guessed from the fact that he had also provided the CCTV footage of the attackers to the police. He was on the lookout for them with the police for two days, but the involvement of Chunchun aka Boss came to light when the mobile surveillance team extracted the call data dump. Chunchun was in front of the camera so that no one would suspect him.

Big revelation of police on Begusarai shooting incident, due to which criminals shot 11 people
Chanchun’s nephew is Keshav Kumar alias Naga
According to information, Keshav alias Naga seems to be the nephew of Chanchun. He is very smart even at a young age. He has already gone to jail in two cases including Keshav Arms Act, he himself was not on the bike. According to information, he was in touch with the miscreants involved in the shooting from his mobile phone. According to the police, Yuvraj was driving the bike while Sumit was sitting behind. While the second bike was being driven by Prince aka Goldie while Nitish was firing. Nitish Kumar is also a history-sheeter criminal. STF is also looking for him. At present, both of them are absconding and the police are conducting continuous raids to arrest them.

Begusarai Firing News: Bloody rhythm of bike-riding miscreants, firing up to 30 km, one dead

After the incident, Sumit and Yuvraj were comfortably at home.
After creating terror in the 30 km stretch from NH-28 to NH-31, the two bike-borne assailants, instead of fleeing from Simmaria to Patna, got down from the Simmaria bridge and returned to their homes through rural roads from Bind Toli.
In order not to suspect the family members, Yuvraj, who was wearing a yellow shirt, had left his shirt at Sumit’s house, which has been recovered by the police. In this whole matter, Yuvraj had revealed all the secrets to the police after his arrest. Nitish and Prince are absconding in this case. Nitish has many girlfriends and commits crimes just for fun.

Begusarai shooting incident exposed as ‘miss fire’, who will answer?
According to the things that have come out in the research so far, the purpose of carrying out this incident was to create an atmosphere of fear in the area, so that an atmosphere of terror continues in their name. Therefore, these miscreants did not cover their faces during the incident and opened fire on NH. In the mobile phones which the police have recovered from them, evidences of buying and selling of liquor have been found. Therefore, his mobile has been sent to the forensic lab for examination. According to sources, on the day of the incident, a large consignment of their liquor was also seized from the area. This gang wanted to quickly establish its gang dominance.

Bihar Begusarai Firing News: Terror in entire Bihar due to firing, rain on the shoulders of Giriraj

The 3D laser camera was used in the investigation for the first time
In the Begusarai incident, the forensic team used 3D laser cameras to recreate the crime in five incidents. Where the shooting incident took place, empty cartridges have also been recovered during the investigation. Weapons found with Yuvraj and shell casings found at the spot and bullets fired at the injured will also be matched. According to SP Yogendra Kumar, Yuvraj and Sumit were riding on the same bike and both of them opened fire with pistols. Yoginder Kumar said that many people had talked to these miscreants before the incident and at the time of the incident, it is also being ascertained who else is involved in this conspiracy.

Two badass, bike at full speed, firing at 10 people, know everything about Begusarai bloody dance
It may be mentioned that on Tuesday evening, four criminals riding two bikes opened fire for 30 km in different police station areas of Begusarai district, in which one person was killed and 9 others were injured. There is a lot of politics going on regarding this incident. Begusarai Member of Parliament and Union Minister Giriraj Singh has demanded a CBI probe into the entire matter.


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