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Shivpuri News: At first, a woman was teased, dragged on the road, her clothes were torn … she was beaten with sticks and shoes, she kept saying – Leave it brother … Leave it.

Shivpuri: Shivpuri in Madhya Pradesh ( Chedkhani from Shivpuri Me Mahila ) An amazing thing has happened. It is alleged that a woman here was first molested by her cousins, but when she protested, the accused first slapped her. Unsatisfied with this, the accused beat him with sticks and shoes and then dragged him on the road. His clothes were also torn. In the meantime, the woman left the brother … leave, keep talking.

According to sources, a woman from Narwar area was going to graze goats on Saturday. Meanwhile, on the way, her cousins ​​grabbed her and started molesting her. The woman said that when she protested, they started beating her. The woman said that when she was going to the police station to lodge a complaint, they started stopping her from going to the police station. When they refused, they started beating him in the middle of the road. Lying in the middle of the road, he was beaten.

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The victim alleged that the accused’s mother also reached the spot and beat her up. Despite this, when I refused, they beat me up and stopped me from going to the police station. Meanwhile, passersby did not save. Then somehow escaped and reached the police station and lodged a complaint against the accused at the police station.

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Police have registered a case against the accused on the complaint of the victim, including molestation, blocking the road, uttering insults and making death threats. Police have arrested the accused and are investigating the matter.


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