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Shameless, pimps … Twitter war between Lalu’s daughter and Manjhi’s daughter-in-law over Rabri-Ashok Chaudhary controversy

Patna: Former Chief Minister Rabri Devi in ​​Bihar Legislative CouncilRabri DeviAshok Chaudhary, a minister in the Nitish Kumar government, has got into an altercation with two women who are not members of any household. In fact, on behalf of Rabri Devi, her daughter Rohini Acharya attacked the caretaker Minister Ashok Chaudhary, to which former CM Jitan Ram Manjhi responded.Jitan Ram ManjhiThe bride is given by Deepa Manjhi.

In fact, the other day in the Legislative Council, Minister Ashok Chaudhary interrupted Rabri Devi during a discussion, at which Rabri Devi got angry and addressed him as a pimp. Replying to this, Ashok Chaudhary called Rabri Devi ignorant. Lalu Yadav’s daughter Rohini Acharya is angry over calling her mother ignorant, while Deepa Manjhi is replying to Rohini.
Former Chief Minister Rabri Devi had said in the Legislative Council that ‘brokers’! … Ethics committee to probe Bihar minister’s allegations
Rohini’s tweet attacked Ashok Chaudhary
Rohini Acharya tweeted one after another attacking Ashok Chaudhary. Rohini Acharya wrote – ‘What do you read the two letters, consider yourself the incarnation of Kalidasa, shameless like Duryodhana, insult all the housewife and call yourself educated. In another tweet, Rabri Devi’s daughter asked, “What would you say to your wife who is illiterate and commits bank scams?” Who is standing at home talking today. It is the grace of Lalu ji that he is raising his voice, yet look at it shamelessly.


Vidhan Parishad commotion: First Rabri Devi called Ashok Chaudhary ‘broker of power’ … now ‘female card’ is playing …! Know the full news
Rohini wrote in the next tweet: “The person who insulted the Speaker of the Assembly wants to suppress the matter, that is why the husband of an educated bank robber is starting brokerage.” Rohini then tweeted, “Palturam is acting as a middleman, so he is conspiring to suppress the Assembly Speaker’s case by insulting the woman.”
Breaking Bihar: Ashok Chaudhary’s clash with Rabri Devi, Rabri Devi played ‘victim card’, made this allegation, find out what happened
Given by Deepa Manjhi To Rohini Acharya The answer
Rohini Acharya is targeting Ashok Chaudhary through a tweet, while Deepa Santosh, daughter-in-law of former CM Jitan Ram Manjhi, has targeted Minister Ashok Chaudhary. Manjhi’s daughter-in-law Deepa has threatened to scold Lalu’s daughter.


Deepa Manjhi wrote in reply to Rohini’s tweet: Why do Singaporeans sometimes call Dalits thieves, why do they sometimes call Dalits, will you improve or not, you will say whatever you want and we Dalits will remain silent? This is not a jungle state when you people used to commit Dalit genocide and eat fodder. Now, if anyone humiliates the dalits, his face will be taken off, whether he understands it or not.

Deepa Manjhi

Deepa Manjhi and Rohini Acharya (file photo)


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