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Sarcasm on Congress, Prabhu Ram’s praise… 10 big things of Prime Minister Modi’s speech in Ayodhya

Ayodhya: Prime Minister Narendra Modi Participated in Deep Utsav of Ayodhya for the first time on Sunday. He visited Ram Lalla before joining the function. Apart from this, he also reviewed the construction work of the Ram temple. Modi started the Deep Utsav by lighting the lamp. Meanwhile, in his address, he taunted him in gestures without taking his name. He said that earlier it was avoided to talk about Ram, but we have broken these chains of inferiority complex. Referring to Lord Ram, the Prime Minister called upon the people of the country to be aware of their duties. Read the top 10 highlights of PM Modi’s speech here:

Questions were raised on Ram
There was a time, in our civilization it was avoided to talk about Rama. Question marks were put on the existence of Ram in this country. The result was that our religious cultural identity was left behind.

Revived the pride of faith
When he used to come to Ayodhya, his mind would become sad. The streets of Varanasi used to be full of trouble. Those whom we considered to be the symbol of our existence, if their condition was bad, the morale would be broken. In 8 years, the country has broken the chains of inferiority. We have revived the pride of our faith, which was suffering from gross neglect till the time of Ram Temple, Kedarnath Mahakal.

Deep Utsav in Amritkal
This time Diwali has come at a time when we have completed 75 years of independence some time ago. We are celebrating the nectar of freedom. At this time, will power like Ram will take the country up. The values ​​that Ram inculcated in his words and thoughts are the inspiration for everyone’s development, everyone’s faith and everyone’s effort.

Red Fort resolution
This time five souls have been invited from the Red Fort to be baptized. One element to which their energy is attached is the duty of the citizens of India. Today we have to repeat this resolution at Deep Utsav in Ayodhya. Learn as much as you can from Shri Ram.

Ram symbolizes the spirit of India
Ram represents the spirit of India which believes that our rights are more important than our duties. The original copy of our constitution which has the picture of Lord Rama, Sita and Lakshman ji talks about fundamental rights. The guarantee of our constitutional rights, on the other hand the realization of duties as Rama. The more we strengthen our sense of duty, the more the dream of Ram Raj will come true.

No match for India
Festivals and festivals have been a natural part of our lives. Whenever the society did something new here, we created a new festival. India has no rival in the strength with which we have kept alive the human message of the victory of truth.

The message of humanity
Rama ended Ravana’s tyranny thousands of years ago, but even today, thousands of years later, every human message, spiritual message of that event continues to shine like a lamp.

A lamp is not just an object for us
Diwali lamps are not just objects for us. India’s ideals have a living energy. As far as is visible, the effect of flickering lights, the spread of rays on the forehead of the night, is the declaration of Satyameva Jayate, the original mantra of India. This is a declaration of the basic mantras of India. This is the declaration that of our words, Ramo Rajmani always wins. Victory is always due to Rama’s virtue, not Ravana’s misdeeds.

Ram is the light for the whole world
I want to tell one more thing to the countrymen in the light of lakhs of lamps. Tulsidas has said in Manas that Jagat Prakash, publisher Ramo. Lord Rama is the giver of light to the whole world. He is like a light to the whole world. What this light is, is the light of mercy and compassion. Of humanity and dignity. Of compassion and love. Everyone has this light.

The battle was fought against the darkness of Corona
Amidst the difficulties of the Corona attack, every Indian stood up with a lamp with the same spirit, and today the world is seeing how strong India is in the fight against Corona. When light becomes the witness of our deeds, the end of darkness is automatically assured.


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