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Sara is angry with Karan Johar, the actress said about Karthik Aryan and personal life!

Karan Johar is returning with the seventh season of his most awaited show ‘Kofy Vid Karan’. In the first episode, Ranveer Singh and Alia Bhatt arrived, where they talked a lot about their personal lives. Recently, Karan revealed that Karthik Aryan and Sara Ali Khan were both in a relationship. Although Sara and Karthik have so far remained silent on the matter, Sara is angry with Karan after the revelation.

Sara Ali Khan and Karthik Aryan have been in discussions for a long time about their relationship, though neither of them has confirmed it. The two appeared together in Imtiaz Ali’s film ‘Love Aaj Kal’. Recently Karan Johar has revealed

Which is why Sara Ali Khan is angry
Bollywood Life quoted a source as saying that Sara Karan is not happy to talk about her private life in public. Because she wants people to focus only on her career graph, because she is trying to make a name for herself through her work and this personal information about her life can distract her fans and she does exactly that. Don’t even want to

Will she talk or not?
The report goes on to say that it is not the case that Sarah will never speak or that she is very upset. But yes, the way people are now joking about their personal lives, they don’t like it. The source said that she is a dedicated actress and wants people to talk about her films and her acting.

What did Karan Johar reveal?
Let me tell you that in a recent interview to India Today, Karan Johar spoke very openly about the history of his show ‘Kofy Vid Karan’. Meanwhile, Karan Johar said that through this show, I became a pair of many movie stars. “As you all know, Alia Bhatt and Ranbir Kapoor fell in love from the platform of my show and they got married,” Karan said. Both are about to become parents in the future. Not only that, Katrina Kaif also kept her heart for Vicky Kaushal. Now look, they are both married. Apart from this, Sara Ali Khan also revealed her feelings for Karthik Aryan, after which the two came into a relationship.

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