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Sanchi Milk Price: Now Milk Prices Rise, Sanchi Milk Prices Rise In Madhya Pradesh, Find Out What The New Rate Is

Bhopal: The era of inflation is touching once again. In Madhya Pradesh, milk prices have also gone up. After Amul, now Sanchi Dairy ( The price of pure milk Has increased the price of its milk by Rs. You will get milk at better prices from March 21. The Bhopal Milk Co-operative Union has issued orders in this regard.

It may be recalled that the Dudh Sangh had sent a proposal to Madhya Pradesh Cooperative Dairy Federation (Bhopal Cooperative Union Limited) to increase the price of milk. It is to be noted that the price of Sanchi milk had not gone up for two years. That is why Sanchi, like Amul, has decided to raise rates. Now a liter packet of milk will be available at Rs 53 instead of Rs 48.

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These would be great prices
Earlier a packet of 500 ml full cream milk was available at Rs 27, now it will be available at Rs 29. A one-liter packet will now cost Rs 57, up from Rs 53 earlier. A 500 ml packet of standard milk (Shakti) will now be available at Rs 27 instead of Rs 25. A 500 ml packet of toned milk (fresh) is now priced at Rs 24 instead of Rs 22. At the same time, the price of 500 ml of double toned milk (smart) has gone up from Rs 20 to Rs 24. Double Toned Milk (Smart) will be available for Rs. 10 instead of Rs.

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They will still get a discount
Advance Cards have been issued by Bhopal Co-operative Milk Union till April 15. The new rates applicable from March 21 will not apply to such consumers, they will continue to get Sanchi milk at the old prices. It may be mentioned that the new rates issued by Bhopal Cooperative Milk Federation would be applicable in 12 districts including Bhopal. In the rest of the districts, the regional milk unions will decide to increase the prices.


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