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Salute to Raveena: No care for 8 month old son, no care for life… Farmer was dragged from the face of death

Bhopal: Today, everyone is praising the courage of Raveena, a 32-year-old woman from Najeerabad, a village adjacent to Bhopal, the capital of Madhya Pradesh. In fact, Raveena has saved the life of a farmer who was drowning in the strong current of water without caring about her own life and that of her 8-month-old son. A ‘flood’ occurred in a drain near Nazirabad on Thursday evening. Two farmers began to drift in the fast current of water. Seeing two farmers drowning in the water, Raveena, a 32-year-old married woman, jumped into the drain to save them. She placed her 8-month-old son on the ground near the drain and jumped into the water. However, she could save only one farmer and bring him to the shore. While another 25-year-old farmer drowned. Nazirabad police recovered the body of the farmer from the drain with the help of local divers on Friday morning. The police appreciated the courage of the woman. SHO Nazirabad gave award to woman Raveena. The woman alleges that if the people present at the spot had helped her, she would have saved another farmer as well.

SHO Nazirabad BP Singh Bains said that the deceased, 25-year-old Raju Ahirwar, is a farmer living in village Kadaiyashah of Nazirabad. Raju along with 23-year-old Jitinder Ahirwar had gone to spray pesticide on the soybean crop in his field in Khajuria village of Nazirabad on Thursday morning. A canal flows between Kadhaiya Shah village and Khajuria village. When they went to their fields, the water in the drain was low. He parked his bicycle on the side of Kadaiyashah village and crossed the canal on foot. There was heavy rain in Nazirabad on Thursday afternoon.

Drain overflowed due to rain, water flow is fast: SHO
SHO Bains said that when Raju and Jitendra were returning at around 6 pm, the drain was filled with rainwater. The water flow in the canal was fast. Jitendra and Raju tried to cross the canal. On the other hand, the local villagers warned them that the water current is very strong. But Raju tied his bike key in his shirt and threw it at the locals standing on the other side. But the shirt fell into the drain and got washed away. The villagers reached the village via Nazirabad and asked them to get a bicycle from another vehicle. But Raju and Jitendra did not listen to them and tried to cross the canal.

Lying on the ground, Raveena jumped into the water with her son, saved the farmer: SHO.
SHO BP Singh Bains said that as soon as Raju and Jitendra walked a few steps in the overflowed drain, they started flowing in a strong current. 32-year-old Raveena, who lives in the Kanjar Tapra hut near the incident site, witnessed the incident. As soon as he saw Raju and Jitendra being swept away by the strong current, he placed his 8-month-old son on the ground on the grass and jumped into the drain to save him.

Raju’s body was recovered the day after the incident: SHO
The SHO said that Raveena saved Jitendra with her courage but did not save Raju. Raju drowned in the water. After the incident, Raju’s brother Suresh Ahirwar reported the matter to the Nazirabad police. After this, the police reached the spot and started searching for Raju. Raju’s body was recovered the next day from 15 feet deep water.


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