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Russian troops: Russian troops captured in Ukraine attack Putin, saying send as many troops as you want .. you will not be able to capture

Kyiv: The war between Russia and Ukraine has been going on for the last 26 days. There have been numerous reports claiming that Russian troops are now involved in the war. Disappointed soldiers now want to return home and for that they are ready to shoot themselves. A recent report claims that Russian soldiers captured in Ukraine are now urging their people to speak out against Putin. These soldiers are telling the world how their comrades are being buried in mass graves.

According to the Daily Mail, a group of Russian soldiers raised their voices against their government during a press conference with the news agency Interfax-Ukraine. According to The Mirror, Alexei Zeleznak, Mustafaev Mugasad, Igor Rudenko, Alexander Fomenko and the rest of the army became emotional as they told reporters about their opposition to the Russian invasion. Russian soldier Zeleznak warned Putin that he would never send enough troops to occupy Ukraine.
Russian Army: Ukrainian Bullets Search for Russian Troops, Putin’s Army Wants to Return Home After Shooting His Leg
“No matter how many troops Putin sends, he will not be able to take over.”
“Putin is a liar and a deceiver,” he said. He is bombing Ukrainian cities, hospitals and civilians. The people of Russia .. The people of Ukraine are very brave. They can intercept Russian equipment even without weapons. They are all one. The Russian military says Putin will never be able to occupy the area as many troops as he wants. Our commanders are also liars and deceivers. They have betrayed not only us but the whole of Russia.

‘People will not forget our attack for centuries’
The Russian military has called on its citizens to ignore Putin’s campaign. People will remember our attack for centuries. He apologized, saying that Russian troops had “ruined the peaceful life of the Ukrainian people in one day.” Rudenko claimed that the Russian army had already been defeated and that the Ukrainian army would “destroy” them. He claimed that 15,000 soldiers had been killed in the fighting, which began about a month ago.

Ready to shoot yourself to return home
After the invasion of Ukraine, large numbers of people took to the streets in Russia to protest the war. Thousands of protesters were arrested. Russian soldiers fighting in Ukraine now want to return home and for that they are looking for Ukrainian weapons. According to a report, he is planning to return home under the pretext of medical treatment after being shot in the leg with a Ukrainian gun, as Putin’s “death squad” is ready for fugitive soldiers.

Russia war with Ukraine

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