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Russian Army: Ukrainian Bullets Search for Russian Troops, Putin’s Army Wants to Return Home After Shooting His Leg

Kyiv: The Russian military is currently fighting in Ukraine. When the war broke out on February 24, Putin’s army was on the offensive, but now the troops are badly surrounded and are looking for opportunities to return home in a defensive position. According to a blocked Russian phone call, Russian soldiers are now trying to obtain ammunition from the Ukrainian army so that they can shoot themselves in the leg and return home under the pretext of medical treatment.

According to the Daily Mail, a phone recording shows a Russian man talking to his mother, “Our unit wants to get the 7.62mm bullet that the Ukrainian has instead of the 5.62mm used in the Russian AK-74.” So that we can injure ourselves. The soldier said that other soldiers had already done so. The soldier said his comrades wanted to shoot each other in the leg so they could be treated and taken to a hospital in Budenovsk (a city in southern Russia).
Zelensky warns Putin: “Russia will have to pay such a heavy price that it will take many generations to fix it”, Zelensky told Putin!
Putin’s army is not fit to fight
An audiotape released by Ukraine’s security service claimed that 120 people had been hospitalized with injuries and 350 had returned to Russia in “coffins”. The unidentified soldier told his mother that his unit was no longer able to fight because the Ukrainian army had destroyed all their weapons and equipment and that they would be killed if attacked.

The mother begs her son to return home
The Pentagon estimates that 7,000 Russian soldiers have been killed and 14,000 to 21,000 wounded in the fighting. The audio showed the soldier’s family members trying to get him home safely and urging the Russian military to send him back home. “I will go to your military station or unit and tell them I am alone and they will send you back if I need your help,” she said over the phone.

Putin’s death squad shot dead fugitive soldiers
The soldier warned his mother that his commanders would not send her back. He claimed that those who refused to join the war were sentenced to eight years in prison. A few days ago, Russian soldiers captured in Ukraine revealed that Putin had set up a “death squad” to kill fugitives who refused to take part in the war. The frightened 22-year-old soldier said that a team has been set up to catch the soldiers fleeing from the battlefield.


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