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Russia urges Ukrainian army to lay down arms in Mariupol by 5 pm, Deputy PM responds: No surrender

Russia Ukraine war News: On the 25th day of the war, the Russian army launched its deadliest attack on the Ukrainian port city of Mariupol. The irony is that 80 per cent of the city’s residential buildings have been destroyed. Russian tanks are visible everywhere. Russia has asked Ukraine’s military to keep weapons in Mariupol. The deadline for this is 5am GMT (2am GMT). On the other hand, quoting the Deputy Prime Minister of Ukraine, Reuters said that the question of Mariupol’s surrender does not arise.

In fact, the strategically important city of Mariupol in Ukraine has been under constant attack by Russian forces for the past three weeks, forcing locals to flee the city. Local officials say food, water and energy supplies have been cut off in Mariupol, which is surrounded by Russian forces, and that at least 2,300 people have been killed so far.

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Earlier, the Russian military launched a major offensive in the city of Mariupol. A bomb was hurled at a school here and rockets were fired. About 400 people were hiding in the school to avoid attacks. Many people are feared to be buried under the rubble after the attack. Earlier, a theater in Mariupol was bombed, leaving thousands stranded. Ukrainian President Zhelensky has called the attack a war crime. “What those who attacked a peaceful city did will be remembered for centuries to come,” he said.

Mariupol City Council claimed

Mariupol City Council claims that Russian forces forcibly deported several thousand residents of the city to Russia. Most of them are women and children. Documents have been confiscated from these individuals. They can be hired. The global organization UNICEF claims that 1.5 million Ukrainian children are at risk of being sold during the war. Russia on Sunday again claimed that it had launched a hypersonic missile strike for the second day in a row. An oil depot was destroyed in the attack. A report in the New York Times states that 18 Ukrainian cities have been bombed intermittently.


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