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Russia-Ukraine war: India kills six despite being neutral, neither Russia angry nor US

Russia-Ukraine Crisis: Australia said on Sunday that members of the Quad had accepted India’s stand on the Ukraine crisis. Apparently, Prime Minister Narendra Modi is using his contacts to call for an end to the conflict in this war-torn country (Ukraine). The remarks by Barry O’Farrell, the Australian High Commissioner to India, come a day before the digital summit between Modi and Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison on Monday. During the meeting, the two leaders are expected to discuss the situation in Ukraine. The quad is a group of four countries. These include India, Australia, USA and Japan.

“Quad countries have accepted India’s stand,” he said. We understand that every country has a bilateral relationship and it is clear from the remarks of the External Affairs Ministry and Prime Minister Modi that they have used their contacts to call for an end to the crisis.

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In fact, the Australian High Commissioner was asked about India’s stance on the Russian invasion of Ukraine and its (India’s) growing unrest in the West over its purchase of crude oil from Russia at subsidized rates.

Diplomatic sources further said that India’s stand on Russian aggression in Ukraine seems to be motivated by the policy adopted by the then Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru in 1957, according to which India does not take action to condemn. It focuses on creating scope for resolving disputes.

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“No one has accused India of supporting what is happening in Ukraine,” a source said. Whatever India is trying to do is within the policy formulated by Nehru 65 years ago.

After Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, India did not keep pace with the West. Instead, he maintained a neutral stance on the whole issue. Russia has also praised India’s stand. After the Quad Group also accepted India’s stand, it became clear that it had won a major diplomatic victory on the front. He has upset the balance on both sides.

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