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Russia-Ukraine war: handwritten mobile number, 11-year-old child fleeing Ukraine alone … found mother 1200 km away from home

Kyiv / Bratislava: Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has sparked a major refugee crisis in Central and Eastern Europe. About 3 million people have so far left Ukraine for Poland, Hungary, Slovakia, Romania and Moldova. Almost half of the population is children, unable to accept the reality of Russia’s devastating invasion of their country at an early age. In the midst of the crisis, an 11-year-old boy fled Ukraine alone. Only a mobile number was written on his hand in the name of help. Now the news is coming that this child has been returned from his mother.

The boy arrived in Slovakia, some 1,200 kilometers from Ukraine


A few days ago, a photo and video of 11-year-old Hassan Piseka was widely shared on social media. The boy had traveled 1,200 kilometers from Zaporizhia in Ukraine to Slovakia alone. Hassan’s mother could not leave her grandmother alone, so she took her passport, two small bags and a relative’s phone number and boarded the train to the border. He was then assisted by customs officials and taken to Slovakia.

The child’s smile won the hearts of the officers

When Hassan reached the border, his smile, courage and determination won the hearts of the officers. Authorities in Slovakia used his handwritten number and a banknote to identify his family. Speaking to Good Morning Britain, Hassan said he was not thinking about his future at the moment and was glad he was “safe”. The 1200 km train journey to Hassan is one of the scariest experiences of life.

Families fleeing Ukraine reunite in Slovakia

Now Hassan’s mother, grandmother and his family dog ​​have fled to Slovakia from Ukraine. Hassan’s mother Julia Piseca told The Sun that the train journey was difficult but we had to flee to reunite with our family. We have lost everything but we are safe. I want to thank everyone from the bottom of my heart. Now we have to start from zero.

Once again, Hassan’s family lost everything

Hassan’s family is constantly embroiled in controversy. Hassan does not have a father. Many years ago, Hassan’s family fled to Syria without their father. They settled in Julia’s country, Ukraine. Slovakian police said that once again he lost everything but this time the war did not take away any of his family. They are all together in this and this is the biggest thing.


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