Tuesday, November 29, 2022
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Russia nuclear drills: Putin arrives to watch Russian nuclear force war drills, is the world on the verge of nuclear war?

Moscow: Russian President Vladimir Putin on Wednesday watched the country’s strategic nuclear force exercises that included the launch of ballistic and cruise missiles. Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu told Putin that large-scale nuclear strikes on enemies had been practiced in the event of a nuclear attack on Russia. All three units of the Russian nuclear forces participated in the exercise. It also practiced nuclear strikes from water and land. Russia has the most active nuclear bombs in the world.

Russia said – the missiles hit the target
The exercise comes amid heightened tensions with the West over Russian actions in Ukraine. The Kremlin said in a statement that all the targets set for the exercise had been achieved and all the missiles fired hit the target. At the same time, the US says that Russia had already informed it about this exercise. Such information is given to prevent any misunderstanding between the two countries.

Why did Russia inform the US?
Both the US and Russia have ballistic missile tracker satellites. which can track missiles launched in any part of the earth. If Russia had conducted nuclear missile drills without announcing it, it could have caused a misunderstanding of the attack. In such a situation, the US will also retaliate, the consequences of which will be terrible for the world.

Putin Drills Russian Forces

There is a fear of a nuclear attack on Ukraine
Western countries fear that Russia could launch a low-yield nuclear attack on Ukraine at any time. Russia has many standoff weapons capable of long-range nuclear strikes. Putin has already declared that he will not hesitate to use nuclear weapons to defend his country. In such a situation, European countries are also worried about their security.


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