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Russia Nuclear Attack: Will Not Use Nuclear Weapons In Ukraine… Why World Doesn’t Buy Putin’s Explanation?

Moscow: Russian President Vladimir Putin has denied any intention to use nuclear weapons in Ukraine. He described the Ukraine conflict as part of the West’s alleged attempts to secure its global dominance. At the same time, he claimed that the efforts of the West for global domination will fail. However, European countries are not believing this claim of Putin. A few days ago, Russian bombers capable of carrying out nuclear attacks were seen near the borders of NATO countries. Apart from this, the Russian nuclear train was also seen heading towards the Ukrainian border. Russia has also threatened that it is ready to equip the warplanes of its friend Belarus with nuclear missile attack capabilities.

Nuclear attack on Ukraine useless, no need
Addressing a conference of international foreign policy experts, Putin said that it is pointless for Russia to attack Ukraine with nuclear weapons. “We see no need for it,” he said. It has no meaning, neither political nor military. In his long speech, Putin targeted the US and its allies. He accused the US and its allies of trying to impose their terms on other countries in a “dangerous, bloody and dirty” game of hegemony.

Putin attacked the West
Putin argued that the world is at a critical juncture where the West is no longer able to impose its will on mankind, but still tries to do so and most countries no longer want to tolerate it. He claimed that Western policies would lead to further anarchy. He claimed that Western countries are posing a threat to Russia’s sovereignty. Even before this, Putin has threatened that if there is an attack on his land, strong retaliatory action will be taken. He further said that we will not hesitate to use nuclear weapons if there is an attack on Russian soil.

Why doesn’t the world trust Putin’s sanity?
Putin has claimed that Russia will never launch a nuclear attack on Ukraine. However, there have been many occasions in the past when Putin has gone back on his promises. Putin denied the attack until February 24, a day before announcing special military action in Ukraine. He then said that the Russian army was conducting exercises to test combat readiness. He said that the Russian army is free to move anywhere within its borders and no country should question it. Despite this, Russian forces invaded Ukraine.


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