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Russia Mariupol Attack: Russia’s biggest attack on Ukraine’s Mariupol, the city turned into rubble, know the conditions of the war on the 25th day

Mariupol: On the 25th day of the war, the Russian army launched its deadliest attack on the Ukrainian port city of Mariupol. The irony is that 80 per cent of the city’s residential buildings have been destroyed. Russian tanks are visible everywhere. Three million people are still trapped in Mariupol and have no food or water. The city is also running out of medicine, and the Russian army has surrounded the entire city. The city’s mayor alleges locals are being forced to flee to Russia.

The mayor said people were trapped in the basements of several ruined buildings and that evacuation work had now stopped. He said Russia was withholding humanitarian aid. He said that fierce fighting was going on in the streets and Russian tanks were seen everywhere. The mayor of Mariupol said that the Russian army was firing on the city and that all kinds of weapons were being used.
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“The Ukrainian army is trying to stay in place, but sadly, the number of enemy troops is much higher than ours,” Meyer said. A recent statement from Mariupol City Council stated that “thousands of locals are being evacuated to camps in Russian territory without their consent.” Phones and documents of Ukrainian citizens are being checked in these camps. There are corpses on the roads but no one to pick them up.

The Ukrainian army is providing food to the people on a rotational basis. The Russian invasion reminds people of World War II. People in the area were forcibly taken prisoner by the Nazi army. Recalling the devastation caused by the Russian invasion of Mariupol, a police official called on the United States and France for help and urged them to provide Ukraine with state-of-the-art air defense systems.
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‘Mariupol is turning into Syria, Biden-Macron save us’

Mariupol City Police Officer Michelle Versunin, who has been reduced to rubble, told US President Joe Biden and French President Emmanuel Macron that they had promised help, “but what he has received is no help. . ” The video calls on both the leaders to save the lives of the people there. “Children and the elderly are also dying,” the official said in Russian in a video released Friday. The whole city is destroyed. “You promised to help,” Vershenin said. Help us do that. Biden and Macron, you are great leaders. Stand up to end this war. He says Mariupol’s situation is similar to that of the Syrian city of Aleppo, which was destroyed during the 2016 civil war.


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