Tuesday, November 29, 2022
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Russia going to practice with nuclear forces, Biden said – using a nuclear bomb would be a big mistake

Washington: Russia has formally told the US that it is about to begin exercises with its nuclear forces. Officials gave this information on Tuesday. Russia’s nuclear drills are coming at a time when tensions in the Ukraine war have suddenly risen. Both sides are accusing each other of planning to use a devastating dirty bomb. In response to this, US President Joe Biden has warned that if Moscow uses nuclear weapons, it will be a big mistake. Vladimir Putin’s forces in Ukraine are suffering one setback after another. In such a situation, it is being feared that Putin can use nuclear weapons to change the course of the war.

According to Dailymail, Moscow has claimed that Ukraine is preparing to use a ‘dirty bomb’ on its soil as a false flag operation to blame Russia. However, Russia has not presented any evidence in this regard. A ‘dirty bomb’ made of radioactive material does not cause catastrophic destruction like an atom bomb but it spreads radiation pollution over a large area. Now Russia has made a big bet by warning of exercises with nuclear forces.

Opened the car door, gave his jacket… Biden must have been jealous of the chemistry of Putin and the Sheikh of UAE, know why?
Regular annual exercise of Russia
Russia has announced that its military is about to begin exercises that will likely include tests of ballistic missiles. US Air Force spokesman Brigadier General Patrick Ryder said during a press briefing, “The United States has been notified, and as we have previously stated, this is a regular annual exercise by Russia.” Annual exercises typically involve more than 10,000 service personnel, hundreds of launchers and more than 100 aircraft.

Biden warned Russia
This year, Russia is going to exercise with additional weapons. In the White House, Biden was asked about the fear of the use of nuclear weapons by Russia. After receiving a coronavirus booster shot, he said, ‘Russia would make a huge mistake by using a strategic nuclear weapon.’ He said that I am not guaranteeing you that this will be a false flag operation. i don’t know But that would be a serious mistake.


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