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Roy: Dear KL Rahul, try playing for a team sometime…

New Delhi: Scored 1867 runs in 58 T20 Internationals at an average of 39.72 and a strike rate of 140.91. Scored 3889 runs in 109 matches of IPL. Average 48.01 and strike rate 136.22. These figures belong to the vice-captain and opener of the Indian team, KL Rahul. It takes world class to see the record but sometimes the numbers lie. Let me explain you with an example – IPL 2022 eliminator was being played. Rajat Patidar scored 112 runs in 54 balls for Bangalore. Lucknow lost by 14 runs against a target of 208 runs. KL Rahul scored 79 runs in 58 balls. The strike rate is 136. Good for T20, but not for match conditions.

Let me give you another example – you must remember the innings of Rahul Tiwatia who hit 5 sixes in an over against Punjab Kings. For Punjab, Mayank Agarwal scored 106 runs off 50 balls and Rahul’s 69 runs off 54 balls. The team score was 223/2, yet Punjab lost. With this score of Rahul, his average improved, but what benefited the team? There have not been a dozen or two matches when KL Rahul’s slow and wicket-saving innings has cost his team dearly.

Rahul’s performance in last 5 IPL seasons

the season the match run average Strike rate 100/50
2022 15 616 51.33 135.38 2/4
2021 13 626 62.60 138.80 0/6
2020 14 670 55.83 129.34 1/5
2019 14 593 53.90 135.38 1/6
2018 14 659 54.91 158.41 0/6

In the last 5 seasons of IPL, KL Rahul has scored 575+ runs each time. Every time the average was above 50. Each time he was in the running for the Orange Cap. And not even once did his team win the championship. Suppose cricket is a team sport, but what if a player starts playing for himself and not for the team. In the powerplay, where teams expect a quick start from their opener, KL Rahul believes in setting the pitch. Sometimes it is beneficial, but the harm is more.

Punjab’s match in IPL 2020 was against Hyderabad. KL Rahul, who came to bat in response to 202 runs, played an innings of 11 runs in 16 balls. His team lost the match. After the defeat, Rahul said that the strike rate is overrated.

The strike-rate is very, very high. It is important for me how I can win the match for my team. If one day I feel that a strike rate of 120 can win a match for my team, I will do it. That’s how I bat and as a captain I want to take responsibility.

KL Rahul

Rahul asked to take responsibility. T20 is different from all formats because there is no time to take responsibility. In a 120-ball match, each team must have at least 7 correct batsmen. That is about 17 balls in a batsman’s share. If a batsman plays 15-20 balls to take responsibility and get set, understand what will happen to that team. You will save wickets, improve your record but what will the team get? Defeat and failure.

Let’s talk about the Asia Cup

The Indian team faced Hong Kong in their second Group A match. Rohit Sharma got out after scoring 21 runs in 13 balls. But KL Rahul was trying to stay on the pitch. Approach as if a Test or ODI match is in progress. During the powerplay, Rahul attempted only one attacking shot, that too on a free-hit. Even the Hong Kong bowlers could not stop laughing after seeing his batting. Rahul got out after scoring 36 runs in 39 balls. It is a sin to play like this in T20 cricket. In a 120-ball match, a batting team accounts for 19 percent of a team’s score after playing about 32 percent of the balls. Hats off to Suryakumar Yadav who scored 68 off 26 balls to lead the team to victory.

Do you sleep after losing?
Indian team management and captain Rohit Sharma talk about changing the way T20 is played. This was also seen in England and West Indies. Fearless batting, first ball attack. The team also benefited. But what about a big tournament like the Asia Cup? It would not be wrong to say that KL Rahul has avoided that approach. Batsmen like Deepak Hooda are sitting out, Rishabh Pant is not getting a chance. But KL Rahul is playing and how much he was playing. If the team management does not wake up, this game will make India’s game in the Asia Cup.

Score 50+ only 7 times against top teams
KL Rahul made his T20 debut in 2016. Since then, the war between Sri Lanka and West Indies has been going on. In such a situation, apart from India, Australia, South Africa, England, New Zealand and Pakistan are counted among the top teams of world cricket. Rahul has played 28 T20 matches against them. In this, 772 runs have been scored from his bat. An average of 30.88 and a strike rate of 133.56, far worse than his overall record. He has scored 50+ 18 times in his career. Only seven times against top teams.

Everyone knows talent
The question is not on KL Rahul’s talent. He can play fast. They have the ability to unmask any bowling attack, but the question is approach. You try to attack. Only then runs will be scored, the bowler will come under pressure. At worst, you will be out. It will be better for the team. Another batsman will come, score runs, win the team. Even if you get out, the team will benefit, won’t it? So sometimes it’s good to think and play for the team.

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